Author: Ron Graham

Six Steps

What Must I Do?
—How to be Saved by Jesus

must A set of basic lessons on the steps into Christ, showing everything that is essential for a person to do in becoming a Christian and being saved. Touch any title next to an arrow in the list below.

arrow Introduction and ChartSix steps chart with links to lessons in this series.

arrow Take a Step Today (Song)A song enumerating the steps to salvation by grace.

The Six Steps

arrow Hearing (Receiving) the GospelThe first step to salvation is listening to God's word.

arrow Believing In JesusThe second step to salvation is having faith in Christ.

arrow Repentance From Sin The third step to salvation is changing one's heart and turning from sin.

arrow The Good ConfessionThe fourth step to salvation is verbal acknowledgment of faith in Christ.

arrow Baptism Into Christ The fifth step to salvation is being buried with Christ by baptism into his death.

arrow Faithful Unto Death The sixth step to salvation is continued obedience to Christ.


Supplementary Lessons

arrow How God Helps Us Keep His Commandments An encouraging aspect of the providence of God.

arrow The Fruit We Must BearThis lesson attempts to identify the fruit that Christians are to bear with fullness.

arrow How Do You Believe?Three stories in the Bible help us to distinguish three kinds of belief.

arrow Pleasing GodOnce you become a Christian, you have a duty to God as much as he has a duty to you. God will bless you in every way, but you must respond by doing what pleases him.

arrow Is Baptism Immersion?In this lesson we study what is sometimes called the form or action of baptism.

arrow Baby BaptismExamines the question of whether babies should be baptized. Looks at the state of innocence, the question of nature, and the steps of obedience that accompany baptism.

arrow The Dying ThiefThe story of the dying thief on the cross does not teach us how to become a Christian.

arrow The Second TimeA tract by Ron Graham published in the late 1950s by a group of young Christians

arrow The Good Man CorneliusOne of the most interesting cases of conversion recorded in the Bible.

arrow One, Two, ThreeOne giant problem, only two can solve it, and three immediate steps to take.

arrow Busting the Faith Only MythThe idea that we are “saved by faith alone” is a widespread myth. We are not saved by faith alone. Your salvation depends on busting this myth and knowing the truth.

arrow The Power of Bible ExamplesIf we would understand the commands and ways of Christ, we need the examples that Scripture provides. Examples clarify the word and motivate us to obey it.

ico God’s Plan of Salvation

—A series of lessons in Paul’s letter to the Romans. We examine faith and works, sin and its solution, the power of the gospel, the chain of events in salvation, and God’s living way. Touch the button title to go to that index.

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