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Topics This page keeps frequent visitors informed of the most recent additions and changes to and a little about current projects on which the webservant is working.

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arrow What Was Jesus Doing in AD17?This lesson was prepared for New Year's Day 2017. Looking back 2000 years to AD17, what do we find Jesus doing, that we might imitate him in this new year? He was in his early twenties. Whatever he was doing with his life in AD17, he was certainly not just killing time. The Bible says that Jesus was increasing in wisdom, stature, and favour. Why not be like him in 2017 ?

New Encouraging Bible Verses

More pages in January 2017 of beautiful images with Bible verses. This is original work.

New “Bible Opposites” Series

arrow Beginning and EndGod has neither beginning nor end. His creation will end in a new beginning. Evil has a beginning and its end will be everlasting.

arrow Innocence and Guilt —What Does the Bible Teach?Another pair of opposites in the Bible is innocence and guilt. We study the arrival of guilt, an argument about guilt, and the answer to guilt.

arrow Remembering and Forgetting —Living in the PastPeople say you shouldn't live in the past. However, in our relationship with God, the past, present, and future, are all one. Remembering Jesus is living in the past. But forgetting Jesus is destroying your future.

arrow Knowledge and Ignorance —Learn Christ or Know NothingYou can know God and his will for you, or you can be ignorant of the truth about God. Is your heart in a state of knowledge or ignorance? That's a question of absolute first importance.

arrow Wisdom and Foolishness —What Makes One Wise?The Bible compares the wise with fools. Wisdom and foolishness are among the most important Bible Opposities. We ask the question: what makes one wise?

arrow Bible Opposites Index The Bible often presents us with a choice of two contrasting things that are poles apart. Each of the lessons in this series takes one such pair of opposites as its topic.

New Crossword Puzzle

arrow Crossword 17Here's another crossword puzzle for you. It's a 25-word puzzle, and includes this clue: “speak as the ------- of God. (1Peter 4:11).”

New Bible Readings

arrow Acts 2. “Miracle of Many Languages Spoken”, “Peter’s Powerful Message”, “Christ’s First Congregation”.

arrow Acts 3. “Miracle of a Lame Beggar Healed”, “Peter’s Message at Solomon’s Porch”.

arrow Colossians 1. Colossians chapter 1 rendered in simple easy-to-follow sentences. Divided into two readings entitled “Fruitful and Strong” and “The Power of Christ”.

Other New Lessons

arrow Facts About Isaiah Here's a simple list of facts about the prophet Isaiah of Old Testament fame.

arrow What Does Ministry Require?Everyone, even you, can be a minister for God. In other words everyone can serve God in some important way. Find out what it takes. Read this lesson.

arrow Lessons on graceThis series is about the Bible’s teaching on God’s grace. We address doctrines about grace that have been dubbed False Grace. They say that God’s grace allows us to continue in sin.

arrow Notes on the PassoverThis page provides concise notes on the Passover memorial observed by the children of Israel. The notes include definition, explanation, origin, history, and timeline.

Upgrade 2016

There will be no obvious upgrade this year, however behind the scenes I'll be working, God willing, on a number of tasks to improve the site. These involve mainly improving presentation on mobile phones of particular pages; featured links at the end of lessons, editing of older pages, adding new pages, adding new pdf files for download, and continuing improvement of the SiFi search database.