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This index guides you to our video clips available from the simplybible YouTube channel. These videos are Bible lessons of less than ten minutes. They are excerpts from the Australian Video Ministry archive (circa 1980).

The links below will take you to the lesson pages on where the videos are embedded. It may take a few seconds for the video player to appear.

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arrow What Bothers Me Jesus built his one true church on a rock 2000 years ago. Others have built many churches since. Which church should we belong to? His alone, or one of theirs?

arrow Christ Has No Harem Jesus Christ loved only one church. He died for only one church. He has only one "bride". When he said, "I will build my church" he wasn't talking about any denomination.

arrow A Very Odd Town Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane that his disciples might all be one. But they aren't, as this little town demonstrates.

arrow No Divisions The true church of Christ should exist locally and visibly and there should be no divisions. Stop promoting denominations.

arrow Million Dollar Bonfire Will Any Religion Do? There's only one true religion, not many. A lot of costly books were burned to make that very statement.

arrow Mud and ChocolateA false religion might have some things in common with the true, just as mud might have some things in common with chocolate. A child might eat mud thinking it is chocolate, and might even like the mud. But that doesn't make mud chocolate.

arrow Don't Just Include God Many think that all religions that include God are valid. But the Christian scriptures insist that only one religion is true.

arrow Love At the Wrong TemperatureA lukewarm love for Christ and for his truth is the underlying cause of a great many shames and failures of Christianity. A strongly burning love for Christ is what makes a true Christian and a true church. If we are not hot for Jesus, we are not for Jesus at all.

arrow Love With the Wrong ObjectWhy are there all these religions? It may seem strange, but the problem boils down to love. Not that people are unloving. But the object of their love is wrong.

arrow Christendom AstraySome people think that any religion is valid, provided that it's a "Christian" religion. Jesus, however started one Christian religion, not many.

arrow The Love You Must Have When people refuse to love the truth, they leave themselves no alternative but to believe the lie. But a love of the truth protects us from the lie and helps us find the true church.

arrow Christian ArithmeticA truly undenominational church would add nothing to their teaching and practice but what God has given. Therefore the would have nothing by which to divide God’s people.

arrow Called By a New NameIt was prophesied that Christians would "be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall designate" (Isaiah 62:2). Very few denominations claim that their name fulfills this prophecy.

arrow No Creed But ChristNo denominational creed is “the seed of the kingdom” nor “the sword of the Spirit”. Creeds divide those who confess Jesus Christ.

arrow Beginning at JerusalemIt was prophesied that Christ's church would begin in Jerusalem. Any authentic church in the 21st century must replicate the undenominational pattern set by Christ when he established the church in Jerusalem and other places in the 1st century.

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