Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Quizzes and Puzzles
—Matthew 6

This page continues to study Matthew chapter 6 and the Sermon on the Mount, presenting puzzles and quizzes for your enjoyment in learning.

1 Crossword

The answers to this crossword relate to Matthew chapter 6, and most of the answers can be found by reading the chapter.

xw xw 1 xw 2
3 xw xw xw
xw xw xw 4
5 xw xw
xw xw xw 6 xw
7 xw
xw xw xw
xw xw xw
xw xw xw xw
9 xw
Touch a square
to reveal its letter.
By Ron Graham (C) 2013



1. Birds don't do this.

3. This has enough trouble of its own.

4. Where the kingdom of God should be on your seek list.

5. Jesus taught us how to do this.

7. The lilies of the field are this.

8. Don't blow this when you do good deeds.

9. Something merited.


1. Worship place.

2. People who love to be seen praying.

6. You'll be this if you stop worrying.

7. What Jesus called God.


1A=sow, 2D=hypocrite, 3A=day, 4A=top, 5A=pray, 6D=happier, 7A=flora, 7D=Father, 8A=trumpet, 9A=reward.


2 Quick Quest

In which verse of Matthew 6 do you find...

1. A trumpet?

2. A moth?

3. A door?

4. A furnace?

5. A thief?

6. A Barn?

7. Bread?

8. A Hypocrite?

9. A street corner?

10. A sad face?

11. A lamp?

12. A bird?

13. A lily?

14. Tomorrow?

15. Your left hand?

16. Your body?

17. A reward?

18. A day?



trumpet Verse 2; moth Verse 19; door Verse 6; furnace Verse 30; thief Verse 19; barn Verse 26; bread Verse 11; hypocrite Verse 5; street corner Verse 5; sad face Verse 16; lamp Verse 22; bird Verse 26; lily Verse 28; tomorrow Verse 30 or 34; left hand Verse 3; body Verse 23 or 25; reward Verse 2 or 16; dayVerse 34.

3 Unquotable Quotes

What's Wrong?

Something is wrong with each of these quotes. Can you correct them?

1. Do not think about tomorrow.

2. Your Father does not know what you need until you ask him.

3. In your spare time, seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness?

4. Give us this year our dream home and a holiday in America?

5. Beware of practising your righteousness in secret, otherwise you might hide your light under a bowl?

6. When you give gifts to charity, get media attention — it’s good advertising for Christianity.