Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Quizzes and Puzzles
—Matthew 7

This page continues to study Matthew chapter 7 and the Sermon on the Mount, presenting puzzles and quizzes for your enjoyment in learning.

1 Crossword Puzzle

The words and ideas in this puzzle refer to Matthew chapter 7.

1 2 3 xw
xw xw xw xw 4
5 xw
xw xw xw 6
xw 7
8 xw xw xw
xw 9
10 11 xw xw xw
12 xw
xw xw xw 13 14
xw xw xw 15
16 xw
xw xw xw xw xw
Touch a square
to reveal its letter.
By Ron Graham (C) 2013



1. Crowd of those who practice lawlessness.

5. To speak what one judges to be true.

6. “Ask and it will -- given you”

7. False teachers often have one of these.

8. Middle of tree.

9. What a son might ask of his father.

10. “Or -- he asks for a fish”.

12. Describes a certain gate.

13. “He taught them -- one having authority.”

15. Archaic form of “you”.

16. Wonderful works.


2. Wise.

3. Know false prophets ------------- (3 words)

4. Hear Jesus’s sayings, and then?

6. Common name for a thoroughfare.

8. What fell on the houses?

11. “Beware of ----- prophets.”

14. Try to find.


1A=rabble, 2D=astute, 3D=by their fruits, 4D=obey, 5A=state, 6A=be, 6D=Broadway, 7A=theory, 8A=re, 8D=rain, 9A=bread, 10A=if, 11D=false, 12A=narrow, 13A=as, 14D=seek, 15A=ye, 16A=feats.


2 Quick Quest

Using Matthew 7, associate the words in the top list with the numbered words below.

swine, stone, thistles, sand, fire, log, snake, way

1. eye?

2. fish?

3. gate?

4. pearls?

5. rock?

6. tree?

7. bread?

8. figs?


3 Multiple Choice Quiz

Read the question, and decide the answer you think is most correct.

Short Quiz

1. Whom should we judge first and foremost? A. God, B. Others, C. Self?

2. Who cannot see clearly? A. The hypocrite, B. The wise man, C. The prophets.

3. Who walk in the narrow way? A. The majority, B. The few C. All people.

4. Who build upon sand? A. The wise, B. The foolish C. The few.

5. Who gives good things to those who ask? A. False prophets, B. The heavenly Father, C. Good trees.

6. Who are known by their fruits? A. Dogs, B. Trees, C. False prophets.