Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Quizzes and Puzzles
—Matthew 5

This page continues to study Matthew chapter 5 and the Sermon on the Mount, presenting puzzles and quizzes for your enjoyment in learning.

1 Crossword Puzzle

1 2 3
xw xw xw xw
xw xw xw xw
xw 5
6 xw xw xw xw
xw xw 7 xw xw
8 xw
xw xw xw 9
xw xw xw xw
xw xw xw xw
Touch a square
to reveal its letter.
By Ron Graham (C) 2013



1. Might find the second mile here.

4. An evil heart will ------- evil acts.

5. Makes an oath.

8. Roman six and one of Jesus’s roles makes an ancient Scandinavian.

10. Another word for joyous or glad.

11. Another word for righteous.


1. The beatitudes are assurances to give us ----.

2. That they may see your ---- -----. (two words)

3. Another word for agreement.

6. If a man -------- a faithful wife, he does evil.

7. The meek shall ------- the earth.

9. Another word for righteous.


1A=highway, 1D=hope, 2D=good works, 3D=accord, 4A=produce, 5A=swears, 6D=divorces, 7D=inherit, 8A=viking, 9D=godly, 10A=cheered, 11A=saintly.


2 Quick Quest

1. Why did some people need to postpone their offering to God?

2. Why should Christ’s followers rejoice and be exceedingly glad?

3. Why say “Bloody oath!” instead of plain “yes”?

4. What is required of sons of the heavenly Father?

5. What is required in loving those who don’t love us?

6. Why shouldn’t people swear by their heads?

7. What is required in responding to those who oppress us??


1. To first be reconciled to one they had offended.

2. Because their reward in heaven is great.

3. To serve the evil one, (the father of all lies).

4. To be like our heavenly Father.

5. To bless and pray for our enemies.

6. Because they can’t make one hair white or black.

7. To go the second mile and turn the other cheek.


3 Try This...

Here’s a little brain teaser for you... Remember what the little pig said to the big bad wolf? "By the hair of my chinny-chin-chin I will not let you in!" I know the wolf was the villain, but criticise the pig.


The little pig swore by his whiskers. He should have just said “No.”