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Author: Ron Graham


Our Involvement With God
—Christian commitment

A collection of Bible lessons about Christian commitment and a deep involvement with God. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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The Love of GodGod's love is universal - anyone can find it. God's love is conditional - all must keep it. God's love is unchangeable - everyone can trust it.

Have You Counted the Cost?The most important things cannot be evaluated on a calculator. But you can count the cost in your heart.

Applying OneselfApplying our minds to God’s word, applying the word to our lives, applying our lives to God’s glory.

First He Built An AltarWhat happened when Noah and his family came out of the ark? We can learn a lot from Noah.

God in Us and We in God (Chart)God in us and we in God - a chart lesson showing the Christian's relationship with God.

Our Covenant With GodJesus is the mediator, to all mankind, of a new covenant, namely his gospel. If we want an involvement with God that accords with God's grace and will, then we must comply with that covenant.

The Gift of the Holy SpiritThe gift of the Holy Spirit is promised to all the forgiven. Peter was quite clear about who receives the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Spirit (Acts 2:38-39).

In, With, UnderA Bible lesson built upon three powerful prepositional phrases: in Christ, with Christ, and under Christ.

Symbols of Christ’s DeathIn the Bible we find many symbols of Christ’s death —symbols in the Old Testament looking forward to Christ’s death, and symbols in the New Testament looking back to it.

The Work of God (Acts 2)How Acts chapter two presents six facets of the work of God in saving man, including the work of Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the work of man himself under God's plan.

As the Earth TurnsThe earth turns day by day, and we upon it. As the earth turns, you are not aware of its motion, and I suppose you do not need to be. There are three things you should be aware of, however, that are true as the earth turns.

Why Be Baptized?This lesson examines God's involvement and purpose in a person’s baptism, or what God does when a person is baptized, and what is God’s reason for baptism.

It Ain't You, It Ain't MeWho decides whether you live and whether your life is fruitful? Who gets you through the hard times and gets your life together? It ain't you.

Full Sufficiency of GraceA lesson about the fullness and sufficiency of Christ, the scriptures, and the grace of God (John 1:16).

But What is Right?Most people want to do what is right. But how do we know what is right? Who defines what is right? Each individual? The world? God? We need to know, because it is a very serious mistake to be wrong about what is right.

Total ChristianityHead, heart, hands: Christianity, to be a valid and scriptural religion, must be holistic: balancing doctrine, spiritual experience, and dedicated service..

God Guard, Goad and Guide YouIn Acts 20:31-32, part of Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesian elders, we find three ways in which God helps us.

Why the Holy Spirit Dwells in UsThe indwelling of the Holy Spirit, in every obedient believer in Jesus Christ, is clearly taught in the gospel. But what is the purpose of this indwelling? We show seven things. This is a long lesson, but you can use it in two parts.

The Beginning, the End, and BetweenIn Colossians, Paul tells us how our Christian lives on earth began, and how they will end. But his main concern is the middle. Between the beginning and the end, we must continue in Christ. This lesson is about continuing.

The Hand of GodThe Bible sometimes talks about 'the hand of God' and what God's hand can do. In this lesson we will consider three things that the hand of God can do.

Four Impossible ThingsIt is impossible to flee from God or hide from him. It is impossible to serve both God and money. It is impossible to love God and hate another person. It is impossible to be told a lie by God. This lesson is about those four impossibilities.

Is God Flesh and Bone?The Bible tells us about the nature of God. However, there is much that is not told. When human beings claim to know more about God than the Bible reveals, they tend to make a god in the likeness of a human being.


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