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Author: Ron Graham


Christian Ministry
—Opportunities for service

The lessons in this series are pointing out the great variety of ministries open to the servants of God and his church. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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UrgeExplanation of the way tries to teach.

One AnotherA practical lesson on how, as members of one body in Christ, we must love and edify one another.

What Does Ministry Require?Everyone, even you, can be a minister for God. In other words everyone can serve God in some important way. Find out what it takes. Read this lesson.

Positive Christian CommunicationA lesson showing what our communication should achieve and how to improve it.

Diversity of Gifts and MinistriesIn the New Testament church, there was a great diversity of gifts and ministries in which people served God as stewards of God's manifold grace.

The Other MinistryGod gives some gift or some ministry to every Christian. Part of maturing as a Christian, is coming to recognise one's gifts and use them for the glory of God.

Three Things God’s Servant DoesIf you serve the Lord, I hope this Bible lesson will help your ministry to be true and fruitful.

Encourage One AnotherA lesson about one of the most neglected commandments in the churches (encouragement), and one of the biggest problems (discouragement).

A Preacher's NeedsEvangelists or preachers do such important work. Have you considered their needs?

Ministry Without ClergyAccording to the scriptures, there are special ministers in churches of Christ. However there is no clergy.

EvangelistsA Bible study about the special ministry and role of the evangelist in the churches of Christ.

The Work of the ChurchThree activities make up the work of the church, and it does these both corporately and distributively.

The Church and CharityThe church is not a charity primarily. What is its role and responsibility toward the needy?


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