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Author: Ron Graham


—Method and Techniques

These lessons show from the scriptures the method, techniques, and stages of converting a person to Christ. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Introducing Outreach Introduction to the study of the five-step process of Christian Outreach.

The OpeningThe first of the five steps in the process of Christian Outreach.

More on the OpeningWe look more deeply into the first step. Most of our lesson is taken up in studying the example Jesus sets us in his dealings with the woman at the well (John 4).

The InvitationNow we turn our attention to the second step in the outreach process, the invitation that we should hold out to someone with whom we have found an opening.

The ReassuringThe third step in the process of Christian Outreach.

The UnsettlingIn the fourth step, a person is brought face to face with his own error, disobedience, neglect, or need. The purpose is to help a person and confront what God requires, to awaken conscience, and to test honesty. This is a critical moment.

The ClosingThe fifth step in the soul winning process happens when a person makes a decision to change his beliefs and ways. You bring the person into line with God's word which has shown the person's error.

Final PointersSome extra scriptural tips on outreach, and a summary of the five steps in the outreach process.

Open Doors

Cottage MeetingsA lesson about church meetings and Bible studies in private homes.

More Effective Soul WinningHow to be successful in personal evangelism. Examples from book of Acts.

Successful EvangelismSuccessful evangelism is not measured by numbers. Though few are converted, we may still be succeeding.

Effective AdvertizingA lesson applying Bible principles to church advertizing.

A Prayer for Outreach

Our Dear Father above, we thank you for the gospel which we have heard and believed.

We thank you for baptism wherein we died with Christ and were born anew.

We thank you for the church which blesses us with ministry and fellowship.

Create in us a longing to share our faith and reach out to others. Let us work together in loving zeal, and Father please richly bless our work.

Help those who seek truth to find it and let us be your tools —for unless we serve you and save people’s souls, our lives are meaningless.

Father, you gave us seed to sow. May we sow in good soil and have the joy of growth.

In all things we praise you for we know it is you who will give the increase.

In Jesus Christ our Lord we pray, Amen.


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