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Author: Ron Graham

Study Starters

Simply Bible Readings
—Favourite Bible excerpts

A small collection of Bible passages translated in simple and clear sentences. Touch a yellow button below to choose a reading.

Acts 2. “Miracle of Many Languages Spoken”, “Peter’s Powerful Message”, “Christ’s First Congregation”.

Acts 3. “Miracle of a Lame Beggar Healed”, “Peter’s Message at Solomon’s Porch”.

Romans 8. “No More Fleshly Thinking”, “More Than Conquerors”.

Galatians 3. “Blessed by Faith, not Cursed by Law”, “God’s Promise to Abraham”.

Galatians 4. “Every Christian a Son of God”.

Ephesians 1. “We Are So Blessed!”, “Wisdom and Power”.

Ephesians 2. “Saved by Grace”, “Christ Our Peacemaker”.

Ephesians 3. “The Mystery of Christ”, “Paul's Prayer”.

Ephesians 4. “He Led Captivity Captive”, “Growing Up in Christ”.

Ephesians 5. “Walk in Light”, “Husband and Wife”.

Ephesians 6. “Master of the House”, “The Armour of God”.

Colossians 1. “Fruitful and Strong”, “The Power of Christ”.

1st Peter 1. “Our Hope of Salvation”, “Obeying the Truth”.

2nd Peter 1. “Our Charter of Assurance”, “The Light of God’s Word”.

Jude 1. “The Short Letter of Jude”.


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