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Author: Ron Graham

Truth in Love

Truth In Love
—An archive from 1960

This section houses old articles written for the Australian national magazine Truth in Love of which I was a staff member circa 1960. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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A Story of Great WonderWe sing, "The old old story, it is ever new." What makes the ancient story of the cross ever new? Wonder does.

Necessity is Laid Upon MePaul was committed with the dispensing of the gospel. He had a commission: go preach the gospel. Woe to him if he did not!

Four Things To Say (1Peter 3:18-22)Peter has four important things to say about baptism.

Seeking the Lost ChristThere were crowds on the road from Jerusalem after Passover. Mary and Joseph were among the travellers, but they couldn't find their boy Jesus.

Preaching the GospelThe city's plan for highway development, or the State's hydro-electric scheme will not work without workers. It is like that with God’s plan of redemption.

The HinderersIt is a very serious thing to be a hinderer of any good cause, let alone to hinder the gospel of Christ.

The Missing SecurityA storm made the sea into moving mountains, the wind and the waves met in battle. There was consternation among the disciples of Jesus as the wind shook their frail craft and the waves began to fill it.

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