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Author: Ron Graham

Prayer and Providence

Prayer as a Ministry
—Examples, marks, and the need

People think of "ministers" as people who preach and run churches. But really every Christian is a minister in some important way, and one of the great ministries is ministry in prayer.

The word minister means to serve. Ministry and service are the same thing. In the Greek the words are διακονια diakonia, and λατρεια latreia. These words are used in the texts quoted in this lesson outline.

1 Examples of Prayer as a Ministry

2 Marks of the Prayer Ministry

3 The Need for a Strong Prayer Ministry

Questions for Discussion

1. What does "ministry" mean? What ministry can you certainly do, even if no other?

2. What is the relationship between those who preach and those who pray?

3. One person prays for the preacher, another gives the preacher money. Who is supporting the preacher?

4. To whom is the prayer ministry entrusted?

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