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Author: Ron Graham


Rebukes in the Bible
—A simple list

Strong Words of God

  • God rebukes the serpent, Eve, and Adam (Genesis 3:14-19).
  • God rebukes Cain (Genesis 4:6-15).
  • God rebukes Moses for striking a rock with his staff instead of speaking to the rock as God had commanded him (Numbers 20:7-13 esp v12). This is among the shortest and most severe rebukes in the Old Testament.
  • God rebukes Balaam, speaking to him through the mouth of Balaam’s donkey (Numbers 22:21-34).
  • Samuel rebukes King Saul about his unlawful sacrifice (1Samuel 13:9-14).
  • Nathan rebukes King David with a parable (2Samuel 12:1-12).
  • Ezra rebukes the men of Judah and Jerusalem regarding marriages to idolatrous women (Ezra 10:9-12).
  • Through Isaiah, God rebukes his people likening Jerusalem to Sodom and Gomorrah (Isaiah 1:2-17).
  • The LORD likens the effect of Israel’s transgressions to being sold into slavery or the divorce of a mother or a terrible drought (Isaiah 50:1-3).
  • The LORD rebukes Israel through Jeremiah (eg Jeremiah 2:9-22).
  • The LORD rebukes Israel through Hosea (eg Hosea 4:1-10).
  • A gentle rebuke to those who don't listen to rebuke: "It is better to heed the rebuke of a wise person than to listen to the song of fools." (Ecclesiastes 7:5).
  • John the Baptizer rebukes Herod (Luke 3:16-20 esp v19).
  • Jesus rebukes the Pharisees (Matthew 23:29-31).
  • Jesus rebukes Peter (Matthew 16:23).
  • Peter rebukes the Jews regarding the death of Jesus (Acts 2:22-23).
  • Stephen rebukes the Sanhedrin —the Jewish religious establishment (Acts 7:51-53).
  • Peter rebukes Simon the wizard (Acts 8:20-23).
  • Paul rebukes Elymas the magician (Acts 13:8-11).
  • Paul rebukes the congregation of Corinth (1Corinthians 11:17-22,30).
  • Paul rebukes the congregations of Galatia (Galatians 3:1-4).
  • Paul’s tirade against imposters (2Timothjy 3:1-13).
  • Peter’s tirade against heretics (2Peter 2:1-22).
  • Jude’s tirade against seducers (Jude 1:3-19).
  • Jesus rebukes the congregation of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-19).
  • Jesus will rebuke the "goats" at his second coming (Matthew 25:31-33,41-46).
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