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Author: Ron Graham

Six Steps

Take A Step Today
—The steps to salvation

Take A Step Today (Song)

Take A Step Today (Song)

Song sheet with music can be seen on larger screen or wider window. For now, however, here are the lyrics:


By Ron Graham

There are steps on the way to salvation
That all who are Christ’s have trod;
And the first is to have faith in Jesus
Through hearing the word of God.

Take a step, another step, with Jesus,
Take his hand as he leads the way.
Do the things that the Bible tells you;
Take a step, another step, today.

Then the next step to God is repentance;
Turn from your old ways to new;
And the third is confessing your faith in
The Saviour you're turning to.

On confessing the Lord be baptized in
His name to be born again;
And in newness of life bear the fruit of
The Spirit who dwells within.

Take a Step Today

I wrote and printed this song back in the 1960s. You are free to use this song any way you please on the understanding that I retain the copyright and reserve all rights. The song presents the steps to salvation as shown in the chart in the introduction to this series "What Must I Do?".

This song is based on what the gospel of Christ or New Testament says about what we must do to be saved. Of course we do what we must do, understanding that Christ has done what we could not do.
He has made the perfect sacrifice for our sins and mediated to us a covenant which is good news (gospel) promising eternal life to us if we believe in him and do as he says.

The steps in this song are found in many passages of scripture. I've included a short scripture chain supporting the steps taught in the song. Note that elsewhere on we present six steps. Hearing and believing are treated as two steps, whereas in the song they are combined as one step. Both ways of presenting the steps to salvation by grace are correct.

You are welcome to learn and sing this song and to make copies of it as necessary.

Copyright on print