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Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

Dreaded Test and Assignment 1
—On reading the Bible in public

The test and assignment on this page belong to the training series "Success in the Pulpit".

Questions for Review

1. What is the main physical cause of pulpit nerves? (A) Your adrenal glands, (B) Your mental attitude, (C) Insufficient food.

2. What can you do beforehand to help prevent pulpit nerves? (A) Prepare thoroughly, (B) Don’t think about it, (C) Memorize everything".

3. What sort of experience will help you gain confidence and shake off the shakes? (A) It has to be real experience, (B) It can be imagined/visualized, (C) Experience doesn’t help.

4. What should you give most attention to when you are in the pulpit?? (A) Audience response, (B) Your own performance, (C) Your message.

5. What is the best thing to do while you are speaking? (A) Stand still as a statue, (B) Move and speak energetically, (C) Look out of the window.

6. How long is the model prayer that Jesus gave his disciples? (A) 30-40 seconds, (B) 3 minutes, (C) 10 minutes.

7. What should a public prayer avoid? (A) Preaching, (B) Mentioning private matters, (C) Wordy, meaningless phrases, (D) Mixing old and modern style, (E) Mumbling and stumbling, (F) All of the above.

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