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Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

Dreaded Test and Assignment 4
—On list outlining

The test and assignment below belong to the training series "Success in the Pulpit".

Questions for Review

1. Prayer, hymns, Lord’s Supper, Offering, Teaching. Is that a list, and if so why? (A) It’s not a list, (B) Yes, because the items are common activities of Christians gathered on the Lord’s Day, (C) Yes because there are 5 items.

2. Persecution, illness, bereavement, unemployment. What extra item could you add to this list? (A) Prayer, (B) Second coming, (C) Loneliness.

3. Birth, ministry, burial, death, resurrection, ascension. What theme would make that into a list? (A) Heaven, (B) Jesus Christ, (C) Love one another, (D) Guilt.

4. Birth, ministry, death, burial, resurrection, ascension. In what order would you present the points on this same list? (A) Chronological (time) order, (B) Alphabetical order, (C) Order of importance.

5. Revelation, preaching, faith, obedience. What theme or topic would be appropriate for this list? (A) The word of Christ, (B) Angels and demons, (C) The Lord’s Supper, (D) Repentance.

6. What specific theme below would best suit the general topic of sin? (A) Consequences, (B) Benefits, (C) Priorities.

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