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Author: Ron Graham

I Can!

The Four Titudes
—A study in Philippians

The fourth chapter of Philippians begins with a rather strange request. Paul urges his beloved brethren, "So stand fast in the Lord".

You can walk fast, you can run fast, but how can you stand fast? Well of course the word "fast" has two meanings. It can mean "quickly" or it can mean "firmly". To stand fast means to stick with the Lord and his way, not be shoved aside or knocked down or chased away.

In this chapter (Philippians 4), Paul urges us to do certain things that will ensure we stand fast in the Lord. I have called them latitude, gratitude, beatitude, and aptitude. We might call these "the four titudes" as a pun on the word "fortitude" which is a good word for standing fast.

1 Latitude

Philippians 4:2-5

2 Gratitude

Philippians 4:6-7

3 Beatitude

Philippians 4:8

4 Aptitude

Philippians 4:9

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