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Author: Ron Graham

Seven Influences

The Influence of Faith
—Faith and obedience

The fourth influence that motivates us to obey God is a simple faith in God. Indeed we Christians hold that it is impossible to truly obey God without faith in Christ, or to truly have faith without obedience (Romans 1:5).

Now, as we shall notice later in this lesson, faith is based on the promises of God. However, when we examine the promises of God, we find that they are conditional. For example the promise of forgiveness of sins is conditional upon our repentance from sin (Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19).

Now if we believe the promise, we will be motivated to obey the condition. We can hardly claim to have effectual faith in God if we won't do what he says. You see, therefore, that faith influences us to obey God.

1 Simple Faith in God Causes Us to Obey Him.

2 Faith May Fail

3 Seeking a Living Faith

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