12th Birthday – simplybible.com


The simplybible.com website began online 19 December 2002.  It started with 80 pages.  Now, in 2014, it has twenty times as many — 1,600 pages, of which 1,200 are Bible studies.  A lot of work has gone into the site over the 12 years, both in adding new pages and in keeping up with the changes.  Big changes have taken place behind the scenes in the coding of webpages and style sheets.  We have ensured that simplybible.com has been continually revised and upgraded to accommodate these changes.   The more visible changes are in the devices that display webpages, which now range from big wide desktop computer and television screens down to tiny smart phones.  Today, around 70% of people visiting simplybible.com do so on tablets and mobile phones, devices which hardly existed in 2002.

Here’s a snapshot of how simplybible.com looked around 10 years ago.

Snapshot of Home Page June 2004

Snapshot of Home Page June 2004

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    • This blog is merely an adjunct to http://www.simplybible.com my main website. Whenever you visit simplybible.com there is a link in the banner (on any page) to this blog. Or, if you are on a mobile, look for the BLOG button at the bottom of any page. By the way there is also a NEW button for what’s new on simplybible.com – you are a welcome visitor Thomas.

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