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For almost a year now, slide shows have been a part of’s content.  These slides are created with HTML.  They require only a browser to view. They are suitable for projection as visual aids for the preacher.  But they lack audio and automatic transition.  So I experimented with turning them into short videos.

Using AVS4YOU software, and its screen capture facility, I found it possible to convert the slides into video with voice-over.  There was very little hassle.  I did choose to change the aspect ratio of the images from 4:4 to a more modern 16:9.  Uploading the videos to YouTube proved to be fairly straightforward.  To imbed the videos into the web pages, I needed to write a simple javascript function because my web pages are XHTML strict, and won’t validate using YouTube’s iframe code direct.

First videos go live

The first three videos went online on 24 August 2013.  You can watch the first one below or go to:


Numerology and the 153 Fish in the Bible.

Author: Ron Graham

There are some numbers in the Bible which seem to have significance.  The Book of Revelation for example has symbolic numbers such as seven, twelve, and one thousand.  This does not mean that the Bible is numerological, or that there is some number code by which the Bible hides certain insights.

For an overview of how numbers are manipulated in numerology, you may like to read Numerology in the Bible which greatly expands on this brief article.

153 the number of fish

John records how many fish were caught in the miracle that the risen Christ did when he appeared to his disciples by the Sea of Tiberius.  There were 153 (John 21:11). Efforts to find some mysterious meaning in this number are worthy of scorn.  It was simply the number of fish that were in the net as counted by the amazed disciples.

Of course the number 153, like many other numbers, has some interesting properties. The sum of its (base ten) digits is three to the power of three: 1+5+3=3³. Furthermore we can express the number as the sum of cube of its digits: 1³+5³+3³=153. In fact, you can take any base ten positive integer that is divisible by three without remainder; sum the cube of its digits; take the answer and sum the cube of its digits; repeat till you reach the limit —which will  always be 153.

For example take 666 6³+6³+6³=648 6³+4³+8³=792 7³+9³+2³=1080 1³+0³+8³+0³=513 5³+1³+3³=134 1³+3³+4³=153 1³+5³+3³=153 (limit).

Some people see these facts about 153 as significant.  They think the number’s association with 3 makes it a symbol of the “Trinity” and of Christ’s deity.  Personally I disagree —although one must admit to being amused that, by the simple algorithm of repeatedly summing the cubes of digits, even 666, the number of the beast, can be reduced to 153, the  number of fish!

Don’t be fooled,  “Nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edifying which is in faith” (1Tm 1:4).