Pentecostal Prophets and the Plane



Nobody knows where MH370 went down after it disappeared.  But thousands of people in this world claim to have “the gift of prophecy” or “the gift of knowledge” or some such miraculous power.  All that is needed are two numbers:  the latitude and longitude of the plane’s position to the second of a degree.  That is certainly not hard for the Holy Spirit.  If people in churches all over the world were to “prophesy” these two numbers, what a wonderful miracle that would be to the glory of Jesus.  But the time of miracles is past, alas, and that’s why these two numbers are still unknown.

If the pentecostals cannot help, what about the psychics?  Why can’t they divine these two numbers?  A few psychics have spoken about MH370, but I’ve heard nothing helpful, certainly not the exact latitude and longitude, the two numbers that are needed.

The disappearance of MH370 has puzzled and upset us all, and it doesn’t encourage us that the prophets and the psychics aren’t there when the world needs them.