Put Yourself Last?

One of the Christian doctrines that raises eyebrows, is “Put Yourself Last”.  Yet this is a secret of true happiness.  Put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  For the Bible lesson, go to…


I was waiting at the counter of Hungry Jacks until my turn came.  There was a gentleman standing beside me on my right, who was there before me.  The girl serving raised her hand and called “next please”.  The gentleman looked at me and said, “You go”.  I said, “But it’s your turn”.  He smiled and said, “Yes, but you go first, then I’ll go.

A week later, I was at the same Hungry Jacks, waiting my turn again.  A man came and stood beside me on my left.  I was there well before him.  When he saw the girl coming to the counter he stepped up to it as though he were the only one waiting.  He wasn’t going to let me go first, even though he knew full well it was my turn.

How different were these two men!  One put others before himself.  The other put himself first.  I don’t know these men, but I can easily guess which is the happier, even though they showed their colours in a mundane circumstance.