Bible Lessons in Bislama


The website now includes lessons written in Bislama (language of Vanuatu)
Yes, olsem wanem? Fastaem mi hop se ol lesen ya bambae i givim yu kakae blong gudhat blong yu. Yu stap fren blong mi. Tankyu tumas from bambae yuyu ridim samting we mi raetim finis.Hemia toktok long Baebol. Nao ol lesen ya i longsaed blong tru God, nem blong hem Jisas Kraes.
Translation: Hello, how are you? May I say that I hope these lessons will give you food for your heart.  You are my friend.  Thank you very much because you will read what I have written.  Here is Bible talk.  The lessons are about the true God whose name is Jesus Christ.

Major Upgrade for




We have completed a major upgrade of the website (more than 1500 pages).  The upgrade was progressive from January  to September 2014.  It was done behind the scenes with no inconvenience to users.  They would not have been aware of the work in progress.  Some of the changes made are:

  • Heading (including a subheading)  appears in the same place on each page.
  • The social media bar was redesigned and placed under the main nav tabs.
  • Semantic structure (outline) of the pages has been improved.
  • New feature blocks help to highlight important parts of the page.
  • Indexes and lesson lists have been redesigned and made easier to use.
  • Some older series of lessons were reworked and improved.
  • We made a new pagination system for some groups of articles.
  • The site’s ability to respond to various screen sizes was improved.
  • The square theme images at top right of page were improved.
  • The site coding upgraded from XHTML strict to the now standard html5.

Hope you enjoy these improvements.