Music of Truth

As a rock does not
   shift in the torrent
Nor will truth in a
   river of lies.
As the sun shall come
   back in the morning
So will truth again
   light up the skies.

As the song of a
   bird in the treetop
While the wind whispers
   moanings and sighs
So is truth in the
   ears of the honest
And the music of
   truth never dies.

Hear the truth as a
   gift sent from heaven.
Live the truth, love the
   truth and be wise.
Play the truth as a
   tune on your heartstrings,
For the music of
   truth never dies.

Ron Graham

2015 Upgrade


From January to March 2015, underwent another major upgrade.

  • Achieved 100% mobile usability. (More than half our visitors are on mobile smart phones or small tablets).
  • Reduced the number of external scripts that run before the page displays. Makes pages load more quickly for the user, and management of the scripts is much easier for me the webservant.
  • Reduced the number of image requests for the page by converting images to “sprites” generated from a single image. Makes pages load quicker.
  • Repaired and revised the system of annotations which was failing to operate correctly and was disjointed. It is now a nice simple design, robust and easy to implement.