Simply Bible Domains


Currently there are several alternatives to the domain name including the following:,,,, plus the www. domains of all those. The “canonical” or official domain has been but we are changing that to (without the .au) for three main reasons…

  • Firstly, the site has become very well known as “”
  • Secondly, the .au version has become problematic
  • Thirdly the website is for international outreach not just Australian


The change probably doesn’t affect you. You can keep using the site as before. The only thing that might happen in future is that a bookmark you have linked to the site could become inactive in which case you can get the site up by entering “” into the browser address bar or into Google, or Yahoo etc.


If you have a blog or website and you wish to link to, please remove the .au from the link. For example, “” noting there is no .au in that URL. If you wish to link to a page, copy and paste the link in the yellow strip at the bottom of the page, rather than what’s in the browser’s address bar. Not including the .au will future proof your link against possibly becoming broken later on.

Over the next several weeks, search results in Google (and other search engines) will increasingly show a link to (dropping the .au) but while that “migration” is taking place the site will function as normal, aside from the above considerations.