2017 Upgrade Completed simplybible.com

The website upgrade has been completed, covering over 1300 Bible study pages. There are three main improvements to the website…

Firstly, each series of lessons now has its own individual short startup script instead of one long script shared by all 1658 lessons. This speeds up page loading and enables more flexibility for special features in a particular series. There are over 80 different series of study pages as displayed in the Topics tab (at the banner of any page). All the index pages also now have short startup scripts.

Secondly, every lesson now has a pdf counterpart to enable users to easily save or download a page on to their computers. There are around 1300 pdf documents now available on the website. The pdf version of a page is easily accessed from a prominent link at the bottom of the page. The pdf documents have the same content as that of a printed page, but they can be accessed offline once downloaded.

Thirdly, attention was given to page outline and structure, and to a consistency of design and display across all pages.

Having completed this upgrade, I will now continue adding features to existing pages and creating new lesson pages.