Pentecostal Prophets and the Plane



Nobody knows where MH370 went down after it disappeared.  But thousands of people in this world claim to have “the gift of prophecy” or “the gift of knowledge” or some such miraculous power.  All that is needed are two numbers:  the latitude and longitude of the plane’s position to the second of a degree.  That is certainly not hard for the Holy Spirit.  If people in churches all over the world were to “prophesy” these two numbers, what a wonderful miracle that would be to the glory of Jesus.  But the time of miracles is past, alas, and that’s why these two numbers are still unknown.

If the pentecostals cannot help, what about the psychics?  Why can’t they divine these two numbers?  A few psychics have spoken about MH370, but I’ve heard nothing helpful, certainly not the exact latitude and longitude, the two numbers that are needed.

The disappearance of MH370 has puzzled and upset us all, and it doesn’t encourage us that the prophets and the psychics aren’t there when the world needs them.

Kevin Rudd’s Turnaround on Homosexual Marriage

“Only last September, Mr Rudd joined Julia Gillard in a 98-42 parliamentary conscience vote that defeated a proposal to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

“Detailing the turnabout on his blog website, Mr Rudd, a practising Anglican, said homosexuality was not abnormal and the interpretation of scriptures had evolved over time.”

[The Australian 22 May 2013]

Kevin Rudd’s Blog

Kevin Rudd, in his blog  on 20 May 2013 justified his position on homosexual marriage on the grounds that “literalist biblical teachings” cause social evils such as the burning of witches, slavery, and wife beating.  He says, “The Bible also teaches us that people ought to be stoned to death for adultery”.

According to Mr Rudd, since Christians don’t do these things today, they are not following the Bible’s teachings on these matters.  His point is, that to be consistent they should not follow the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality either.

Mr Rudd shows his ignorance of the Bible.  He doesn’t even understand the most basic fact that the law of Moses (the old covenant) is not to be followed by Christians.  That one simple fact destroys Rudd’s arguments.
Paul’s statements in Romans 1:16-32 are to be followed by Christians, because they are part of the new covenant of Jesus Christ.  Paul is so clear in this passage that no interpretation, “literalist” or otherwise, is necessary.


Rudd promotes the myth that cultural changes over time make Paul’s words irrelevant.  In fact, the acceptance and practice of homosexuality was just as widespread in Paul’s world as it is in ours.  Paul’s statement in Romans 1:16-32 did not reflect community attitudes and standards of the time.  They revealed the teachings and will of Jesus.

Mr Rudd takes the view that secular law does not need to reflect religious law about marriage, so long as religious institutions can still follow their law and are not forced to recognise homosexual marriage.  Why, then, has he so strongly argued against the Bible’s position?

If Mr Rudd had accepted that Christians need to be able to follow Paul’s clear teaching, and therefore should be exempted from any secular law opposing that teaching, perhaps his view would be respectable.

But that is not his position. He has attacked the Biblical teaching with disinformation, saying that if Christians followed the Bible literally they would be doing abhorrent things that don’t belong in our more enlightened society.  This is quite untrue.

Many evils have been excused by twisting the Bible and perverting its teaching by sophistry.  That is no fault of the Bible.  The Bible shows us what God regards as sin, and what God regards as holiness.  In that way, the Bible enlightens us.  We must choose whether to follow that light or walk in darkness.


What God Says About Marriage


Marriage is a “holy estate” instituted by God who created man and woman as equals to complement each other. Love is the first principle of marriage, where the husband sacrifices himself for his wife, and the wife submits herself to her husband. In holy matrimony, the two become one flesh with God’s blessing. Marriage is for life, and nothing but death should separate the married man and woman. God hates divorce. This lesson looks at those points about marriage.



New Year and Still Here

Some people would say that New Year’s Day is no more significant or special than any other day. They’d say that the first day of the week is much more important than the first day of the year. That’s true enough; nevertheless for January 1st, 2013, let’s reflect on some statements by Peter in his second letter (2Peter 3).

 The World is Still Here

For some months now we’ve been hearing that some sort of apocalypse was going to occur on December 21st, 2012. Either the world would end or it would become a very different world. As it turned out, that was all false and the world remains as it was. Of course we shouldn’t be cocky about that. Listen to what Peter says:

“Know this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.”” (2Pe 3:3-4, ESV).

After going on to state that there will be a fiery end to the world, but not when it will happen, Peter then concludes:

“Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness… Be found by God in peace, spotless and blameless… Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord,” (2Pe 3:11,14,18).

Since the world is still here, why not take those words of Peter as your goal for the new year?


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The Force of Example

Our Lord has enriched his word with examples. Not to be blind to his will, we must follow them. Is Zacchaeus not an example of repentance, or Peter and Paul –and even Judas in his ill way? Shouldn’t we be bound by these examples if we would truly repent? Or if we would understand faith, should we not commit to the examples of Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Deborah, Samuel, Elijah and Elisha; or Mary, Stephen, Paul and Silas, and many more?

If we would understand and obey the command to be baptised, should we ignore those examples that Luke provides? When Philip and the Ethiopian went both down into the water, do we resile from that example and refuse to follow? When Cornelius and his household are commanded to be baptised in water, do we repudiate water baptism? When the jailer in Philippi treats with equal urgency washing the wounds of Paul and Silas and being baptized, do we delay a year our obedience?

Jesus left us an example to follow in his steps. So did his first followers. At our peril we choose a pattern of obedience and worship that ill fits these examples. Yes, a few have twisted this principle into a legalistic nonsense. We, nevertheless, can intelligently and earnestly search the scripture for instructive examples –and be bound by them to perfect our faith and obedience to Jesus.

Seven Questions Scientists Cannot Answer

Some science writers seem to be more and more aggressive in promoting atheism, or at least in promoting the notion that you cannot be a truly qualified scientist who understands science –if you believe in God.

These same writers often point out that there are lots of things scientists don’t know, and many things that they thought they knew that turned out to be wrong or at least questionable in the light of new understanding.  How then can these writers be so sure that there is no God?  If they know so little, How can they know there is no God?  (To know that, wouldn’t you have to know everything?)

I have made a list of a few questions that scientists don’t know the answer to…

1. What is the shape and size of the cosmos?

2. What are the basic particles from which the cosmos is built?

3. What is time, and where did it come from?

4. What is life and where did it come from?

5. What is mind, and where do thoughts come from?

6. What is the purpose and goal of the cosmos?

7. Why is there something rather than nothing?

These are seven simple questions.  They might be hard questions, but they are quite straightforward.  Scientists currently do not know the answers to these questions.  They may have hypotheses for some which are being debated, and as far as possible tested.  But that’s not knowing the answer.  Since they lack the knowledge of  lesser things such as these seven, how they can rationally take the position that there is no God, or look down on the scientists who believe in God?

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Ronald Weinland “Disappointed” But Intends to “Go Forward”

In a new post at, dated May 26th, Ronald Weinland repudiates his own prophecy that Christ would return on May 27, 2012, an hour after nuclear war begins.

Here are excerpts from Weinland’s post:

We have believed that Jesus Christ would begin his return in the atmosphere of this earth today, the Sabbath day of May 26th. We have believed this to be a matter of timing for sundown in Jerusalem toward the end of May 26th. As I write this, that time is just about here and nothing has begun in the world that would signal the need or purpose for that reality—Christ’s return…

So candidly, I am disappointed that Jesus Christ hasn’t begun his return. But I am also excited to know that there remains a short work in front of us. That will be explained in the Pentecost sermon that I will be organizing and prerecording as soon as I finish writing this post.

Through all this my initial hope remains the same, as the sun has not set on the 26th in all the world. But if we must go forward, then so be it! God’s will be done.

As I write, it is Sunday 27th in every city of the world.  Still there is no crash of the US dollar, no WWIII, and no second coming.  So what has Ronald Weinland got to say?

“We must go forward”. 

In other words he is going to wriggle out of his failed prophecy, and invent an extension of time,  “a short work in front of us”, to enable him to revise his prophecy:

“That which God is now revealing is a little more difficult because we had our hope so set on Christ coming on this Pentecost. Knowing that he may not is indeed disappointing, but it is not something to shake our faith in any manner. Instead, we take the good with the bad and we move forward!”

Move forward into what Mr Weinland?  I hope that you will move forward into an admission that you deceived people and perhaps even yourself.  I hope that the short work ahead of you will be the fruits of genuine repentance.  But knowing false prophets as I do, for in my lifetime I’ve seen several come and go, I will most likely be disappointed in that hope.

Having seen Ronald Weinland and his followers disappointed in their hope, we might all remind ourselves of a virtue of the true hope that we have in Jesus:  “hope does not disappoint” (Romans 5:5).

Footnote: June 14, 2012  – A federal jury in northern Kentucky has convicted Ronald Weinland of income tax evasion on the money he collected from church members.

Ronald Weinland Latest

Ronald Weinland, what’s the latest on your prediction of World War III and the second coming of Christ May 27th?   Well I don’t know everything, but I’m sitting in my lounge chair in Australia, Saturday night three hours before May 27 ticks around in this part of the world.  The nearest thing I’ve seen to World War III is a fireworks display an hour ago,  with lots of bangs and bright flashes, across the road at the Childers Show Grounds.   Quite a show, but a bit premature and not what you predicted.

Is anything happening over your way Ronald Weinland? What’s the latest over there? Do you reckon there’s still enough time for WWIII to start?   Yes, well I suppose the Europeans and Chinese have a few hours left to push the nuke buttons.  And I suppose they would be keeping their intentions a secret.  You’ve blown the whistle on them, but nobody’s listening except your followers.

Fair dinkum,  I wonder what your followers are thinking right now, since the US dollar is still hanging in there, its predicted demise not having happened. And what will they be thinking in a few hour’s time if your prophecy of WWIII and the second coming fails.  I feel sad for them.  Will their faith in Jesus be destroyed along with their faith in you?   We all pray not.

What kind of prophet are you, Ronald Weinland?

“When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing he predicts does not happen or come true, that is the thing that the Lord has not spoken.  The prophet has spoken it presumptuously.  You shall not be afraid of him.”  (Deuteronomy 18:22).

You said you were one of the two witnesses in the book of Revelation.  But you are about to become the false prophet in that book, Ronald Weinland.  That’s the latest on you.  And the world goes on to see more false prophets arise.

Jesus will come, of course, when the right time arrives.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Ron Graham





May 27, 2012, Second Coming

Ronald Weinland’s Prophecy

Revelation (flames of fire)

Last year it was  Harold Camping who prophesied the end of civilisation as we know it.  This year it’s Ronald Weinland.

“The year 2008 marked the last of God’s warnings to mankind and the beginning in a countdown of the final three and one-half years of man’s self-rule that will end by May 27, 2012.”  -stated  by or on behalf of  Ronald Weinland

Weinland styles himself a prophet of God and compares himself to John who wrote the book of Revelation.  In fact he claims to offer a “revelation of the Book of Revelation” as though John wrote what could not be understood until Ronald came along.

In his book Weinland says…

 “These events, on this last day of man’s rule and the beginning of God’s rule, will be the most dramatic day of all human history—far beyond human ability to fully comprehend, much less believe.”

This includes, according to Weinland,  World War 3, the last great war of mankind.

Well there are only ten days to go.  We’ll soon know if Ronald Weinland is yet another false prophet.

Weinland on May 27

Me on Waiting for Jesus

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