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Currently there are several alternatives to the domain name including the following:,,,, plus the www. domains of all those. The “canonical” or official domain has been but we are changing that to (without the .au) for three main reasons…

  • Firstly, the site has become very well known as “”
  • Secondly, the .au version has become problematic
  • Thirdly the website is for international outreach not just Australian


The change probably doesn’t affect you. You can keep using the site as before. The only thing that might happen in future is that a bookmark you have linked to the site could become inactive in which case you can get the site up by entering “” into the browser address bar or into Google, or Yahoo etc.


If you have a blog or website and you wish to link to, please remove the .au from the link. For example, “” noting there is no .au in that URL. If you wish to link to a page, copy and paste the link in the yellow strip at the bottom of the page, rather than what’s in the browser’s address bar. Not including the .au will future proof your link against possibly becoming broken later on.

Over the next several weeks, search results in Google (and other search engines) will increasingly show a link to (dropping the .au) but while that “migration” is taking place the site will function as normal, aside from the above considerations.

Music of Truth

As a rock does not
   shift in the torrent
Nor will truth in a
   river of lies.
As the sun shall come
   back in the morning
So will truth again
   light up the skies.

As the song of a
   bird in the treetop
While the wind whispers
   moanings and sighs
So is truth in the
   ears of the honest
And the music of
   truth never dies.

Hear the truth as a
   gift sent from heaven.
Live the truth, love the
   truth and be wise.
Play the truth as a
   tune on your heartstrings,
For the music of
   truth never dies.

Ron Graham

2015 Upgrade


From January to March 2015, underwent another major upgrade.

  • Achieved 100% mobile usability. (More than half our visitors are on mobile smart phones or small tablets).
  • Reduced the number of external scripts that run before the page displays. Makes pages load more quickly for the user, and management of the scripts is much easier for me the webservant.
  • Reduced the number of image requests for the page by converting images to “sprites” generated from a single image. Makes pages load quicker.
  • Repaired and revised the system of annotations which was failing to operate correctly and was disjointed. It is now a nice simple design, robust and easy to implement.

12th Birthday –


The website began online 19 December 2002.  It started with 80 pages.  Now, in 2014, it has twenty times as many — 1,600 pages, of which 1,200 are Bible studies.  A lot of work has gone into the site over the 12 years, both in adding new pages and in keeping up with the changes.  Big changes have taken place behind the scenes in the coding of webpages and style sheets.  We have ensured that has been continually revised and upgraded to accommodate these changes.   The more visible changes are in the devices that display webpages, which now range from big wide desktop computer and television screens down to tiny smart phones.  Today, around 70% of people visiting do so on tablets and mobile phones, devices which hardly existed in 2002.

Here’s a snapshot of how looked around 10 years ago.

Snapshot of Home Page June 2004

Snapshot of Home Page June 2004

Bible Lessons in Bislama


The website now includes lessons written in Bislama (language of Vanuatu)
Yes, olsem wanem? Fastaem mi hop se ol lesen ya bambae i givim yu kakae blong gudhat blong yu. Yu stap fren blong mi. Tankyu tumas from bambae yuyu ridim samting we mi raetim finis.Hemia toktok long Baebol. Nao ol lesen ya i longsaed blong tru God, nem blong hem Jisas Kraes.
Translation: Hello, how are you? May I say that I hope these lessons will give you food for your heart.  You are my friend.  Thank you very much because you will read what I have written.  Here is Bible talk.  The lessons are about the true God whose name is Jesus Christ.

Major Upgrade for




We have completed a major upgrade of the website (more than 1500 pages).  The upgrade was progressive from January  to September 2014.  It was done behind the scenes with no inconvenience to users.  They would not have been aware of the work in progress.  Some of the changes made are:

  • Heading (including a subheading)  appears in the same place on each page.
  • The social media bar was redesigned and placed under the main nav tabs.
  • Semantic structure (outline) of the pages has been improved.
  • New feature blocks help to highlight important parts of the page.
  • Indexes and lesson lists have been redesigned and made easier to use.
  • Some older series of lessons were reworked and improved.
  • We made a new pagination system for some groups of articles.
  • The site’s ability to respond to various screen sizes was improved.
  • The square theme images at top right of page were improved.
  • The site coding upgraded from XHTML strict to the now standard html5.

Hope you enjoy these improvements.

Put Yourself Last?

One of the Christian doctrines that raises eyebrows, is “Put Yourself Last”.  Yet this is a secret of true happiness.  Put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  For the Bible lesson, go to…

I was waiting at the counter of Hungry Jacks until my turn came.  There was a gentleman standing beside me on my right, who was there before me.  The girl serving raised her hand and called “next please”.  The gentleman looked at me and said, “You go”.  I said, “But it’s your turn”.  He smiled and said, “Yes, but you go first, then I’ll go.

A week later, I was at the same Hungry Jacks, waiting my turn again.  A man came and stood beside me on my left.  I was there well before him.  When he saw the girl coming to the counter he stepped up to it as though he were the only one waiting.  He wasn’t going to let me go first, even though he knew full well it was my turn.

How different were these two men!  One put others before himself.  The other put himself first.  I don’t know these men, but I can easily guess which is the happier, even though they showed their colours in a mundane circumstance.



Pentecostal Prophets and the Plane



Nobody knows where MH370 went down after it disappeared.  But thousands of people in this world claim to have “the gift of prophecy” or “the gift of knowledge” or some such miraculous power.  All that is needed are two numbers:  the latitude and longitude of the plane’s position to the second of a degree.  That is certainly not hard for the Holy Spirit.  If people in churches all over the world were to “prophesy” these two numbers, what a wonderful miracle that would be to the glory of Jesus.  But the time of miracles is past, alas, and that’s why these two numbers are still unknown.

If the pentecostals cannot help, what about the psychics?  Why can’t they divine these two numbers?  A few psychics have spoken about MH370, but I’ve heard nothing helpful, certainly not the exact latitude and longitude, the two numbers that are needed.

The disappearance of MH370 has puzzled and upset us all, and it doesn’t encourage us that the prophets and the psychics aren’t there when the world needs them.

The Cure For Pulpit Nerves

—Shake off the shakes

Pulpit nerves are caused by two glands, one on top of each kidney. They are called “adrenals”. Their function is to respond to fear by charging the blood stream with hormones that prepare the body for fight or flight. Since one cannot fight or flee in the pulpit, the hormones cause various uncomfortable symptoms. You can control this problem and shake off the shakes when you’re up front.


Thoroughly familiarize yourself with your subject. Prepare manageable notes. This reduces fear and the chemical charge you have to cope with.


Experience also reduces fear. You’ll be pleased to know, however, that the experience does not have to be real; it can be imagined or vizualized. Pretend you are addressing an audience. If possible, stand in the actual pulpit and talk to the empty seats. Such imagined experience will trigger and tame adrenal reaction.


Get your attention off yourself and onto your message. Thinking about your nervousness distracts attention from your lesson: you make mistakes, nervousness increases. Thinking about your message makes you do a better job which reduces nervousness.


You can’t run. You can’t fight. But you don’t have to stand still like a stone statue. Natural body movements help dissipate the “adrenalin”.

5. “OOMPH”.

Use up “adrenalin” constructively by channeling it into your delivery force. By putting “oomph” into your speech, you’ll be seen as sincere, not as in fear.




From Success in the Pulpit by Ron Graham