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Jacob Adventures of JacobThis lesson looks beyond the sojourns and adventures of Abraham, to those of Isaac and Jacob, especially the latter (Genesis 22-36). “Three Marriages” outline included.

NoteJACOB: the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. “Israel” is another name for Jacob. One of his twelve sons was Judah. After the kingdom divided, the break away was named after him. The remaining part was in the territory of the tribe of Judah.

Jailer Acts 16:16-40.These verses describe Paul’s experiences and work with Silas in Philippi, including the conversion of the Philippian jailer.

James Acts 12:1-17These verses describe James’s death. Lesson has a list of the apostles including two named James.

James The Letter of James SERIESTeaching from the letter of James, treating the five main topics in the letter: works, money, lust, trials, and the tongue.

James Does Paul Contradict James?Examines whether Paul conflicts with James over how we are justified.

Index for James

Jealous A Jealous GodAtheists are fond of making lists of Old Testament quotes about God being jealous, and other quotes that make this jealous God appear cruel, vindictive, and unjust.

Jebus Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Jebus/Jerusalem. Includes a map of the region.

Jehovah Is Jesus Jehovah?In this lesson we ask whether Jesus has a right to God’s name Jehovah or Yahweh.

Jeremiah Facts About JeremiahHere's a list of facts about the prophet Jeremiah of Old Testament fame.

Jeremiah Adventures of JeremiahJeremiah, like most of the prophets, was despised, ignored, persecuted, abused. By enduring this suffering and not giving up his ministry, he foreshadowed and shared in the sufferings of Christ.

Jeremiah The Fall of BabylonJeremiah had predicted seventy years of captivity in Babylon. Both Jeremiah and Isaiah foretold the destruction of Babylon to end the captivity. After Nebuchadnezzar’s reign in Babylon, five kings reigned in succession over about 23 years. The last was Belshazzar son of Nebuchadnezzar.

Jeremiah The Tribulations of JeremiahJeremiah suffered all kinds of abuse and trials although he was a faithful prophet of God. Although it sounds gloomy, Jeremiah’s story can strengthen and encourage us.

Jerusalem Facts About JerusalemA simple list of Bible facts about the holy city Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Beginning at JerusalemWhen, where, how, and why did Christianity begin, and who were the first Christians?

Jerusalem Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Jerusalem. Includes a map of the region.

Jerusalem Adventures of Ezra and NehemiahWell into the Medo-Persian rule, Artaxerxes is king of Persia. Ezra and Nehemiah lead the rebuilding, religious restoration, and resettling of the remnant in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem The Destruction of JerusalemThis lesson brings us to the last of the twelve Times of Israel, and concentrates on Matthew 24.

Jerusalem Zion and JerusalemSupplementary Notes on Zion and Jerusalem including its being twice destroyed.

Jerusalem Paul’s Trips to Visit Jerusalem. A summary with scripture references of Paul’s four recorded trips to Jerusalem.

Index for Jerusalem

Jerusalem, new The Eternal KingdomJesus Christ is coming again one day, at the end of the world. He will gather up his spiritual Israel, from among the living and the dead, to take its every citizen into heaven forever.

Jerusalem, new The Heavenly Jerusalem (Revelation 21:9-27)A vision of the glorious city that John had seen come down from heaven into the new heavens and the new earth. This jewelled city of light is the climax of the book of Revelation.

Jerusalem Paul's trips Setting the Record StraightPaul answers misrepresentation and opposition by certain Jewish brethren who promote obedience to the law of Moses, and distinctions between Jew and Gentile. (Galatians 1:10 to 2:21)

Jerusalem Acts 21:18-40.These verses describe Paul’s troubles in Jerusalem at the end of his third missionary journey.

Jesus A Revelation of Jesus ChristIn the book of Revelation Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, shows himself to be God just like his Father.

Jesus More About Jesus (1John)Following on from the previous lesson, we look at John’s view of Jesus in a more general way.

Jesus Listen to JesusThis index guides you to the lessons on clustered around the topic, “Listen to Jesus”. These lessons are based on some of the great sayings of Jesus.

Jesus Jesus Changed My Heart SERIESabout how wonderfully, radically, and positively Jesus changes our hearts and lives. There are also two trusty (not rusty) old sermons as a bonus.

Jesus Jesus Series SERIESA collection of sermons which can also fit together well as a class series, because each lesson has Jesus Christ as its focal point.

Jesus Jesus ClusterA large proportion of the lessons on are about Jesus. This index will give you access to lessons about his glory and power, his sacrifice on the cross, his parables and sermon on the mount, his fulfillment of prophecy, his covenant and priesthood, and how he can change your heart and life completely.

Jesus The Unique OneIn this lesson on John 1, we will look at what makes Jesus unique.

Jesus The Times of JesusThis study outlines the times of Jesus (as far as we know them) from eternity to eternity.

Jesus What Happened to Jesus?After Jesus arose from the dead, what happened to his body of flesh, his human status as “lower than the angels”, and the throne he inherited from David?

Index for Jesus

Jew first The Historical View of FaithSummarizes the development of a saving faith (namely a faith in Jesus) among all the peoples of earth down through the ages.

Jewish Was the Jewish “World” Destroyed?The question of this lesson is whether the heavens and earth destroyed at the second coming of Christ are the heavens and earth that God created in six days.

Jews Introduction to GalatiansVarious items of background information that help to establish our study of the letter.

Jigsaw puzzle Newspaper BibleThe premillennial view of end times relies on interpreting Bible prophecy as though it reads like, and foretells, what we read today in our newspapers and hear and see on our newscasts.


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