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Copyright Terms
—Conditions of use

The website design, and all the articles and pages on this site, are copyright, all rights reserved. However, that is to protect your freedom to use, copy and distribute the material. It is not meant to prevent or restrict your freedom to do so. The copyright prevents anyone from taking ownership or control of my intellectual property and gaining rights to it themselves so that they might prevent you from using it. You may freely copy and distribute the material, provided you keep to the following rules...

  1. Distribution and copying: You may copy or distribute any article in its entirety. An "article" means any item that is obviously a fairly complete unit in itself. A page on this site may contain more than one article. A portion of an article may also be freely used provided that its use out of the original context is not misleading.
  2. Copies of site: You may possess and distribute the entire site on any form of private electronic storage device, such as a computer, disc, local network server, or a cloud account. You must not, however, store or upload the site to a public server or anywhere accessible to public search engines. You should be aware that copies of the site will soon be out of date because the site is constantly being upgraded.
  3. Editing: You may edit articles to adapt them to your publication so long as you retain a fair representation of the point made in the original article.
  4. Profit: You must not sell any content of this website for undue profit, however I do not object to you covering your costs and labour and making a modest return on your investment in the manner of fair trade.
  5. Original Rights: You must not place any restrictions or copyright on your usage of my work that would prevent or restrict anyone, including myself, from also freely using my original work as presented on this website.
  6. Notification: I would like you to write or email me, notifying any substantial usage. This is not essential, but it encourages me when you provide feedback on the usage of my ministry. Thank you.
  7. Links and Acknowledgements: You must include the URL of this site in any publication that uses material from this website. On electronic media, the URL must be provided as an active link. The URL is . Appropriate acknowledgement in endnotes, bibliographies, etc. would also be appreciated.

If your ministry can benefit from mine, then that increases the fruit of my labours. I welcome your use of my work under the terms above.


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