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DONATIONS—How to donate if you wish to help.

BAIRNSDALE CHURCH —Information page about Bairnsdale church of Christ in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

BUNDABERG CHURCH —Information page about Bundaberg church of Christ in the Burnett region of Queensland, Australia.

MARYBOROUGH CHURCH page about the church in Maryborough in the Fraser Coast - Wide Bay region of Queensland, Australia.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR —Info about’s author and webservant, Ron Graham.

MISSION STATEMENT 1 —A mission statement for and churches of Christ.

MISSION STATEMENT 2 —Second mission statement for and churches of Christ.

THE NON-DENOMINATIONAL WAY —A companion page to our mission statements.

TRUTH IN LOVE —A brief history of publications in Australia which went under the banner of Truth in Love, published by independent churches of Christ.

MY EBENEZER Celebrating the 10th birthday of —a list of milestones and a tribute to Jesus.

ADMINISTRATION Additional information and reports.


Churches of Christ

Many churches of Christ (Romans 16:16) are independent congregations having no connection with any religious organisation, whether protestant, catholic, orthodox, pentecostal, calvinistic, new age, or anything else. Rather, their members are happy to be simply Christians, following the Bible and only the Bible.

There were churches of Christ long before any of today's confusing array of denominations and sects existed. That was in the first century. This is the twenty-first century, and such churches still exist in great numbers around the world.


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