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This page provides some helpful tips on how to make the most of —if you are a frequent visitor, you may find this page useful.

The simplybibleFinder (SiFi)... allows you to search’s extensive database to obtain a list of lessons and pages relevant to words, phrases, and questions which you enter. The simplybibleFinder (SiFi) search box is at the top and bottom of every page. The search page explains how to use simplybibleFinder.

Printing of pages... Pages on will print in a special format when you ask your browser to print. Only the essential content will print, saving you paper and ink, and giving you a neat and readable presentation for handouts. You might need to use your browser’s print preview to adjust printing to 100% —if you have a shrink-to-fit function enabled. There's another method for printing a page. If the page has a pdf link, you can tap that link, then open and print the pdf version.

Pdf Documents... All study pages are also available as pdf documents. Or there may be an ebook in pdf related to the page. In such cases, a PDF button will appear at the end of the lesson and also in site navigator among the first few buttons. These buttons will give you the pdf file. If your browser doesn't download the pdf file automatically, it will open the file, and you can save it on your computer.

Narrow Windows... If you display in a narrow window, you will notice that the pages automatically rearrange themselves to fit as you resize. The same is true when you view on small devices. This feature makes a fully mobile friendly site.

Site Map. The tabs near the top of every page will display the main directories and indexes to the site. You can also access these in the navigation system near the bottom of any page. There is also a special site map page if you need it.

Index pages... From the main indexes you can access all of the alphabetical and topical index pages. So on each page of both at the top tabs, and the site navigator at the bottom, you have access to all indexes.

Threads Pages... provide other topical groupings. Lessons on are grouped into topical series. However many other topics are covered by lessons scattered among several series. Such lessons are collected into threads to provide alternative lesson lists.

What’s New Page... lists the latest additions to the website. If you use this site a lot, this page helps you find new material. The page lists all new lessons (latest at top), and informs you of recent developments. You'll find NEW in the site navigator.

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