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Author: Ron Graham


Abstinence from Alcohol
—Reasons for being a teetotaller

A special series of lessons presenting sound reasons for being a teetotaller whether or not you believe that consuming alcohol is a sin of itself. Written with Australian circumstances in mind, where alcohol abuse is endemic and causing much ruin. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Abstinence and ConscienceIf Jesus declared all foods clean, why was abstinence from certain foods required?

Abstinence and DrunkenessSuppose you drink without getting drunk? Is there anything wrong with that?

Abstinence and UnityHow can we resolve disunity about whether it is right or wrong to consume alcoholic drinks?

Abstinence and AppearancesWhilst Christianity is not an abstinence religion, abstinence from things strongly associated with evil may be necessary.

Abstinence and SpiritualityGod's law might permit something, but that does not necessarily make it a good thing to do.

Abstinence and Will PowerIt is a dangerous notion that asceticism, and the exercise of the will over the body, is the essence of holiness.

Abstinence and the TeetotallerDiscusses the question of whether one must practise total abstinence from alcoholic drinks.

Abstinence and SecrecyWhy private drinking of alcohol does not solve the problem of adverse influence, but total abstinence does.

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