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Author: Ron Graham


Spiritual Enlightenment
—Collected sermons

A collection of individual sermons which were never intended as a series. However each of these sermons aims to enlighten people about some important issue of the heart. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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The Source of All Spiritual LightDiscusses the Source of all light for the children of light. First of a trilogy.

The Revelation of the LightDiscusses the revelation of all light for the children of light. Second of a trilogy.

Our Loyalty to The LightDiscusses the loyalty of the children of light to the One who enlightens them. Third of a trilogy.

Solid Ground (Three Loves)Ephesians 3:14-21 describes three loves as solid ground for abundant strength through faith in Jesus Christ.

Spiritual InsightThe true second sight is the spiritual insight, and the light of the inner eye is the Bible.

Measures of the SoulIn Ephesians 3:14-21 Paul writes of "being strengthened with power through his Spirit in the inner person." Your outward person (the fleshly body) can be measured by physical measures. Your weight is so many kilograms, your height so many centimetres, your age so many years, and so forth. But what are the measures of your inner self (your soul or spirit)?

The Heart of the ChristianLesson from Colossians about what the heart of the Christian is like.

The Fool (has said in his heart)God reveals himself in four ways, and the Bible calls a fool anyone who says there is no God.

Ignorance and InnocenceHow does God view sins committed in ignorance? Does he deem a person innocent who sins without realising it?

Your Self EsteemThe Bible teaches the importance of self esteem. A poor self image makes an unfruitful servant of God.

Self ImageAn old sermon outline from the 1980s about your self esteem.

Helpless, Hapless, HopelessDo you feel helpless, in need of someone to rescue and support you? Do you feel hapless, at the mercy of things you can't control? Do you feel hopeless, life's all gone wrong and you have no future? You can change that.

Our Cups of Joy and SorrowRejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice! Often quoted, much misunderstood.

Neglecting the Weightier MattersYou tithe mint, dill and cummin, and every kind of garden herb, yet you have neglected the weightier matters such as justice, mercy, faith, and the love of God.

The Zacchaeus PrincipleA lesson from Luke 19:1-10, observing the manner in which Zacchaeus repented.

The Zeal of GodGod is a zealous God and he wears zeal as his mantle. He expects us to do the same.

Repaying EvilThe Christian has three things to remember, and live by, with regard to enemies, and we find these in Romans 12:17-21.

CHART Two Spiritual Kingdomsabout two kingdoms. They are spiritual kingdoms. This does not mean they are imaginary.

CHART Five WillsA study of the various wills that interact and influence life and circumstance.

Peace Will Be With YouA lesson from Philippians 4:1-9 about how to obtain inner tranquility.

The Nature of PeaceJesus Christ is known as the Prince of Peace, but what is this peace like, where does it come from, and what is it connected to?

Five Principles of UnderstandingFive attitudes and acts of the mind are required in order to gain an understanding of the word and will of God.

“I Am Who I Am”In the time of Moses, God called himself I AM WHO I AM. And, 2000 years ago, Jesus applied the name I AM to Himself. Today, many in our society appropriate this name for themselves, as seen in the promotion for the Invictus Games.

I Love God and My Country'I love God and my country, I will honour the flag, I will serve the King and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the law.'  There are four elements in that old oath that still remain pillars of our society —whether or not they are recognised and honoured.

This Mad WorldThe world is mad, quite mad. Listen to the voices of this world, and test them. You will hear beliefs that are not only false but also most dangerous.

Don't Trust These - Trust JesusThere are several things that people put their trust in, but those things are not worthy of trust. Instead trust Jesus. He won't let you down.

The World, the Word, the Work, and the WorryGod wants us to perceive the world as it really is, not what it pretends to be. God gives us his word which enlightens us, and his work of spreading the word. The worry is that people won't listen.

They Don't KnowIt's an unpleasant fact that many people in this world are ungodly and in spiritual darkness. In regard to God, they don't know what they are doing, or what they are talking about, because they don't know God. They need to know him.

Immortality, Bible and SciencePopular science claims that advances in technology will soon make human beings immortal. However, Jesus Christ since long ago has been able to give mankind eternal life without the help of science.

Ten Deep Things John 1:1-17 PART 1The first 17 verses of John’s account of Jesus, point to ten deep things. They are listed with a brief comment on each. Think on these things.

Ten Deep Things John 1:1-17 PART 2The first 17 verses of John’s account of Jesus, point to ten deep things. They are listed with a brief comment on each. Think on these things.


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