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Author: Ron Graham

Old Testament

The Old Testament
—Its importance for Christians

A collection of lessons emphasising the Old Testament’s indispensable value to the Christian. The first six lessons were originally a video listener’s guide. The series includes a detailed Messianic prophecy chart. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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The Gospel According to the Old TestamentThis sermon outline presents the gospel using only the Old Testament scriptures.

YouTube The Gospel in the Old Testament —Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, first in the series "The Old Testament Today". The gospel is in the Old Testament scriptures, not only in the New. This video is an example of the kind of lessons the first Christian preachers might have given. It is a gospel sermon, yet it is a sermon from the Old Testament.Tap the title next to the arrow to start playing the video on YouTube (simplybible channel).

Do Christians Need the Old Testament?Are the Old Testament scriptures needed and to be heeded by Christians, or are the New Testament Scriptures sufficient?

YouTube The Old Testament (2) Do We Need It? —Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, second in the series "The Old Testament Today". In this lesson we ask the question, Are the Old Testament Scriptures for Christians? We are considering whether the New Testament scriptures are sufficient today, or whether we need and must heed the Old Testament as well. Tap the title next to the arrow to start playing the video on YouTube (simplybible channel).

Essential Historical FactsThe unfolding history in the Old complements the unfolded mystery in the New.

YouTube The Old Testament (3) Historical Facts —Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, third in the series "The Old Testament Today". If the Old Testament disappeared, it would be greatly missed, because of its essential historical facts, messianic prophecies, great examples of faith, and timeless principles. In this lesson we consider the value of the historical facts recorded in the Old Testament, which lend integrity to the New Testament and help us understand it better. Tap the title next to the arrow to start playing the video on YouTube (simplybible channel).

Messianic PropheciesThe Old Testament is valuable to Christians because its Messianic prophecies underpin the New Testament writings.

YouTube The Old Testament (4) Messianic Prophecy Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, fourth in the series "The Old Testament Today". This lesson looks at the value of the Old Testament prophecies about Christ. The Old Testament is a sourcebook of prophecies "written aforetime" which are one of the great evidences that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

Great ExamplesThe Old Testament is valuable to Christians because of the true stories of Godly men and women who are encouraging examples of faith.

YouTube The Old Testament (5) Great Examples Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, fifth in the series "The Old Testament Today". The Old Testament is a sourcebook of true stories of faithful men and women of God, and also of people who rebelled against God. All these serve as patterns and witnesses to encourage and strengthen us. In this lesson we note a few instances of how the New Testament makes use of these examples.

Timeless PrinciplesThe Old Testament is valuable to Christians because of the timeless principles taught in the Old Testament scriptures.

YouTube The Old Testament (6) Timeless Principles Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, sixth in the series "The Old Testament Today". In this lesson we consider the value of the many important timeless principles embodied in the Old Testament. As we shall see, the New Testament itself draws from the Old Testament as a source of teachings about things that never change and are always true.

Lessons on Psalms and Proverbs

Translatable PoetryIn this study we take an overview of the Psalms, to help us better understand appreciate this Bible book.

More on the Book of PsalmsWe continue our overview of the Psalms and include useful reference material.

Psalms About ChristWe continue our overview of the Psalms with a table of Messanic Psalms.

The 23rd PsalmA meditation on the Shepherd's Psalm.

The Book of ProverbsAn intoduction to the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament. This book, like the Psalms, is loved by Christians.

Proverbs For NowA Bible lesson applying some of the Proverbs to our modern lives.

Study of Messianic Prophecy

Prophecies Fulfilled by ChristThis page is a comprehensive reference on Old Testament Messianic prophecies.

Lessons about the Ten Commandments

Sabbath to Sunday?Old Testament issues. Many folk regard Sunday as the 'Christian Sabbath'. You may be surprised to learn that this is not so. However Sunday (the first day of the week) is the day on which Christians should meet for the Lord's Supper..

The Ten Commandments Belong to the Old TestamentThis lesson is about the ten commandments. We see that the ten commandments written on stones belong to the law of Moses (the old testament), not to the law of Christ (the new Testament).

Death of the Ten CommandmentsOld Testament issues. A study in 2Corinthians 3, comparing the ten commandments with the new covenant and epistle of Christ.

Lessons about the Great Flood

The Great FloodOld Testament issues. Did the great flood cover Planet Earth entirely, or the vicinity of Messopotamia only?

How Big Was Noah's Ark?Another discussion about the great flood.

Lessons on Origins

Genesis One, the BeginningWe consider the first three verses of the Old Testament, about the beginning of the universe and the state of planet earth before God transformed it.

The Origin of Life on EarthWe consider three puzzling questions about the origin of life that are answered by three simple statements in Genesis 1.

Why Did God Make Humans?People look at the world and ask, “Why did God make humans?” They also look at themselves and ask, “Why did God make me?” These are deep and important questions about the creation of mankind. The Bible answers them for us. We are here on earth to be his children, to seek and worship him, and to be a source of his joy.

Why Did Adam and Eve Disobey God?When we consider the sin committed by the first two humans, we are bound to ask, “Why did Adam and Eve disobey God? Why did they eat the fruit God had forbidden?” The answer is a combination of three things: decision, deceit, and desire.

What God, Satan, Eve, and Adam SaidWords matter. This is shown in the record of what was said in the garden of Eden. We see that the conversations revealed choices, and the choices had consequences.

God’s Covenant with AdamDid God make a covenant with Adam? If so, did this covenant include both Adam and Eve and their descendants? Did the covenant exist before and after the fall? What was the nature of this “Adamic” covenant?

Where Was God at Creation?When God created the heavens and the earth, and everything in them, where was he? Was he in Heaven outside the Creation? Was he on earth within the Creation? Or is the answer both of those? To answer that question, we need to think about three attributes of God. He is everywhere; he is almighty; he knows everything.

Miscellaneous Lessons from the Old Testament

Baldy and the Bears (Elisha)The story of Elisha and some youths who mocked him. Elisha is compared with Christ.

“She” (1Kings 17)Lesson based on First Kings 17, the widow of Zarephath. She sets us a fine example of Godliness.

A Jealous GodAtheists are fond of making lists of Old Testament quotes about God being jealous, and other quotes that make this jealous God appear cruel, vindictive, and unjust.


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Other Old Testament Lessons

Times of IsraelThe Times of Israel chart helps you to see at a glance where Bible books and characters fit into the twelve periods. The lessons in this series take you through the twelve times in Israel’s history including the coming of Christ and his kingdom. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that page with a link back to this one.

Isaiah GleaningsA series of studies from the book of Isaiah, consisting of reference pages, a detailed outline of the whole book, and several lessons gleaned from the book. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that index, with a link back to this one.

Daniel’s 70 WeeksUseful information on the famous 70 weeks, especially related to the theory of the stopped clock of prophecy delaying the 70th week by 2000 years. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that lesson with a link back to this page.

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