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Author: Ron Graham

Five Priceless Things

Five Priceless Things
—Ephesians chapter 2

A study in Ephesians chapter two. These lessons cover five themes: creation, covenant, cross, church, and citizenship. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Ephesians Chapter TwoFirst a general look at the chapter to give us some background for our study.

The Priceless Creation (A)Some facts about the human soul (as a lead-up to Paul's statement that we are created anew in Christ).

The Priceless Creation (B)We now consider how Jesus Christ can bring renewal to our souls.

The Priceless Covenant (A)The covenant of grace that other covenants promised and mankind must now obey.

The Priceless Covenant (B)The covenant that Christ preached as the standard for his church in which mankind can unite.

The Priceless Cross (A)Christ was not conquered on the cross, but sacrificed himself for us, demonstrating God's love.

The Priceless Cross (B)The cross cancelled the debt against us, so we can be reconciled us to God and to one another.

The Priceless Church (A)We are obedient children of God's household, citizens of the spiritual Israel.

The Priceless Church (B)We are united members of Christ's body and living stones in God's temple.

The Priceless Citizenship (A)It has always been God's purpose that every human being should have citizenship in heaven.

The Priceless Citizenship (B)Only heirs of God are promised citizenship in heaven. Only God's sons are his heirs. Only peacemakers are his sons.


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