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Author: Ron Graham


Thinking Through Romans
—Paul’s letter to the Romans

A third series of studies in Paul’s letter to the Romans exploring the thinking and doctrine of Paul. The series of lessons includes a chart of the concept threads in Romans, and an outline of the book. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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CHART Threads in RomansAn appendix to the studies in Paul's letter to the Romans, charting the tapestry of Paul's teaching

Highest, Mightiest, GreatestIn Romans 1:4, Paul represents Jesus Christ our Lord as a man above all. He has been granted the highest mark, the mightiest power, and the greatest miracle (his resurrection).

Outline of Romans

Paul's Essay on Faith (Romans 1-4)Part one of an outline of Romans. The main topic of these chapters is faith.

The Death of Christ (Romans 5-6)Part two of an outline of Romans. In these chapters Paul teaches us what the death of Christ means to us, and how we should respond.

The Freedom of Faith (Romans 7-8)Part three of an outline of Romans. Paul teaches us about freedom from law, sin, and fear.

The Israel of God (Romans 9-11)Part four of an outline of Romans. Paul teaches us about Israel's relationship with God.

Therefore I Urge You (Romans 12-16)Part five of an outline of Romans. In these chapters Paul exhorts the Romans to faith and obedience and speaks of his ministry.

Paul’s Teaching on Grace, Faith, and Law

God’s Law, Sin, and GraceExamines the message of Paul that we do not receive God's grace by repudiating his law. Paul sees God's law and grace combining, not conflicting.

Four Laws in RomansDiscusses the law of sin, the law in the creation from ancient times, the covenant with Israel, and the gospel of Christ or new covenant.

Faith and ObediencePaul begins and ends his letter to the Romans with a statement of his mission. It is "to bring about obedience of faith" (Romans 1:5, l6:26).

A Law of FaithPaul's teaching about being justified by faith rather than by law is not an easy topic, so I keep this lesson short, to the point, and as simple as possible.

God's Law in Your HeartNotices that when promising the new covenant, God said, "I will put my law within them and on their heart I will write it..." (Jeremiah 31:31-33). Why is the heart the place where God's law must be?

The New Was In the OldWe ought to see glimpses of the gospel in the former covenants, not remnants of the former covenants in the gospel.

God's ChoicesWe notice three examples of God making choices according to his will. These examples come from Paul's letter to the Romans.

Natural LawWe think about creation, instinct, and conscience to see whether people can, by these, know God's law naturally without divine revelation.

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