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Author: Ron Graham

Man Woman

Man and Woman
—Especially woman

A collection of lessons concerning relationships between woman, man, and God. The series includes lessons relating to marriage. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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What God Says About MarriageMarriage is a "holy estate" instituted by God who created man and woman as equals to complement each other. Love is the first principle of marriage, where the husband sacrifices himself for his wife, and the wife submits herself to her husband. In holy matrimony, the two become one flesh with God's approval. Marriage is for life, and nothing but death should separate the married man and woman. God hates divorce. This lesson looks at those points about marriage.

The Permanency of MarriageIn God’s view, marriage is for life. Nothing but death should separate the married man and woman. It takes a special kind of love to stay together.

Three Good RulesHonour marriage; hate divorce; do justice. These three principles would go a long way to solving the problems of immorality and divorce.

What God Says About DivorceDivorce not only displeases God, it does terrible harm to our society, and leaves many victims suffering. In this lesson we focus on the problem of divorce. God's solution to this problem is very simple, yet it is a complete and thorough solution.

What God Says About CelibacyCelibacy is an honourable and respectable state, no less admirable than marriage. Of course like marriage, celibacy comes with its own set of problems and disadvantages, and also like marriage, a set of benefits and advantages. In this lesson we are looking at celibacy in various contexts: among the unmarried, the married, the widowed, and the divorced.

What God Says About AdulteryAdultery has a more devastating effect on family life and Australian society than any crime, yet adultery is not a punishable offence under Australian law. Australians are freely violating existing marriages by their adultery. It is an offence to God and a shame on Australia. Adultery is so common, it is hardly frowned upon. However, God takes a very different view of adultery, and it's time for Australians to start listening to God.

What God Says About SexWhen I was young, “free love”, as it was called, was the popular thing. A sexual relationship was validated by being mutually loving and agreeable. On that basis you could have sex with whoever you wished. This was called “liberation” and was supposed to free a repressed society of many emotional problems. What does God say about this?

The Nature of Woman

What Makes Women Beautiful?This lesson looks at the attributes and qualities that make a woman beautiful as God intended she should be.

The Weaker VesselThis phrase (in 1Peter 3:7) has been misunderstood, and some women have felt insulted by it. We need to clear that up and find out what manner of weakness Peter is referring to.

Head Covering in Worship (1Corinthians 11:1-16)This lesson examines subjection within a relationship of equals, and looks at the question of a man not wearing a head covering during worship, and a woman wearing one.

Mary, Mother of JesusA lesson about Mary the mother of Christ. Mary was a virtuous woman, a victim of the law, and venerated through the centuries.

Mary's Magnificat - Psalm of Praise (Luke 1:46-55)Mary the mother of Jesus visited her sister, Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. Mary uttered a beautiful Psalm known as the Magnificat. Its themes are praise, humility, joy, fear, faith, mercy, strength, promise, and blessing. All these things supported Mary’s relationship with God.


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