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Author: Ron Graham

Ministry Reports

Ron Graham’s Report
—for Jul-Aug-Sep 2013

This page reports my voluntary ministry activities for the information of those who take a special interest in my work.

Dear Brethren... This report covers the third quarter of 2013.

Preaching at Bundaberg

During July, August, and September 2013, I presented 22 Sunday lessons in Bundaberg. These included 12 sermons, and 10 Bible class studies in Acts (chapters 16-20). The sermons included lessons about Jesus Christ, and about the church. Three sermons were a special series called "The Spiritual Light Trilogy".

Visit to Maryborough

The last Sunday of September we visited the Maryborough church, because we were staying a couple of days in Mungar on a little farm where Susanne’s son Caleb lives. Caleb did a fine job of preaching and teaching the class at Maryborough church.


New Pages. In the quarter, I added seven new pages to the website. Four of these were new Bible lessons, and three were magazine pages.

Simplybible Magazine I added a new feature to the website in the form of a magazine. These pages contain short articles such as puzzles, poems, sermon illustrations, church bulletin fillers, short Bible lessons, and so forth. Three pages were completed, and more will be added occasionally, God willing.

Behind the Scenes During the quarter I worked on a number of "issues" to improve the appearance and functioning of pages. This is normal activity required for any large website to be maintained; however I did more of it this quarter than is normal.

Video Facility Added to Website.

Over the past year has moved into “social media” such as facebook, twitter, and Google+. We had not, however, included YouTube. This is a huge site that stores and indexes videos. It is associated with Google. The videos can be played online either on YouTube itself, or within a website where those videos have been embedded. I have opened two YouTube channels for simplybible. Of course I had to produce several videos, upload them to YouTube, and embed them in the website. This I did with a few glitches and hitches but success in the end.

Australia Video Ministry On one YouTube channel I am placing excerpts from the old Australian Video Ministry videos that I made in the 1980s. More than 1000 video tapes were distributed. The master video tapes were later digitally archived on DVD and have been sitting on my bookshelf for many years. I am now using those DVDs as a source for Flash video excerpts (of five to ten minutes each) to upload to YouTube. Ten such video clips are now live on YouTube.

Slide Presentations On the other YouTube channel I am placing the slide presentations that I make for my sermons at Bundaberg. I've found a reasonably simple way to convert these slide shows to video with voice-over. These slide presentations run from five to ten minutes.

Uganda Bibles Update

Last report I mentioned Bundaberg church’s project of sending money to Uganda to purchase Bibles, and how we avoided misappropriation of the money. I'm pleased to report that a large number of Bibles were purchased for distribution. These Bibles are translations in the most suitable languages.

Thank You Again

Again may I say how much I appreciate those who keep on helping me in the Lord’s work. “Without you, I could not do it.”

Love and best wishes in Jesus.

  Ron Graham

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