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Author: Ron Graham

Last Days

The Last Days
—Selected Lessons

This index guides you to the lessons on clustered around the topic, “The Last Days”. From this index you can quickly find lessons on the side of that topic which interests you. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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The Last DaysA basic introductory series of lessons about the times and events to which prophecy points. Companion to the series on Premillennialism, and the series on Preterism.

Events of the Last DayOne last day for this world. We don't know when, but we do know of five main events of that day.

PremillennialismA series of lessons addressing the ideas and suppositions of the popular premillennial doctrines about the second coming and the kingdom of God. Topics include the Rapture, literal and figurative interpretation, the prophecy clock, the throne of David, and lots more.

Back to ShadowsWill the Millennium see Christ institute the law of Moses again along with temple sacrifices and festivals?

Preterism (AD70 Doctrine)A series of lessons addressing the ideas and suppositions of the preterist doctrines and the idea that the second coming of Christ >occurred in AD70.

The Second Coming in ThessaloniansA study (against Preterism) of Paul’s statements about the second coming of Christ in the letters to Thessalonica.

Revelation the BookA comprehensive series of lessons on the book of Revelation. We study John’s record of the revelation of the gospel in visions that he received from Jesus Christ. Some lessons are overviews, and others are verse-by-verse expositions. There is also an outline of the book.

Is Revelation a Book for You?Most of us, when we try to read the book of Revelation, give up. Our feeling is, "This is not for me!" I hope to change your mind, and show you how to value this mysterious book in a more personal way.

Second Coming (Thread)A short list of best lessons on on the subject of the Second Coming of Christ. Includes lessons from Bible passages about the second coming, the wonderful hope of Christ’s return, and the events of that day.

Christ’s Kingdom (Thread)A short list of best lessons on on the subject of the Kingdom of Heaven and the reign of Jesus Christ.

Prophecy (Thread)A short list of best lessons on on the subject of Prophecy in the Bible. Includes studies on interpreting prophecy, the prophecies of Daniel, and Messianic prophecies.


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