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Author: Ron Graham

History of IsraelTimes of Israel series

Times of Israel
—Chart 3

We complete our “Times of Israel” chart. The part shown below covers the latter days including the Messiah’s coming and the establishment of his worldwide heavenly kingdom.

Times of Israel (Periods 9-12)

Time ~ 9. Prophecy Unfolding
Span ~ 400 years
Books ~ Secular history only, except some mention in prophetic books eg Daniel 2
Figures ~ None in Bible
Begins with ~ Completion of OT scriptures
Ascendant empire ~ Greece

Time ~ 10. Coming of the Son of God
Span ~ 30 years
Books ~ Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Figures ~ John the Baptizer, Jesus
Begins with ~ Birth of Jesus
Ascendant empire ~ Rome

Time ~ 11. Dawning of New Israel
Span ~ 70 years
Books ~ Acts, the Epistles, Revelation
Figures ~ Peter Paul
Begins with ~ Death of Jesus

Time ~ 12. Kingdom in All the World
Span ~ 1900 years
Books ~ Secular history only
Figures ~ None in Bible
Begins with ~ Completion of NT scriptures

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Memory Aid

To make it easier for you to memorize the twelve “Times of Israel”, I've turned the list into a ditty. It will never win a poetry prize, but it will improve the mind!

Promises to Abraham
~ that is number one
Bondage in Egypt
~ wasn't too much fun
Wandering in the Wilderness
~ getting sick of sand
Conquest of Canaan
~ hooray promised land
Kingdom of David
~ what a lovely throne
Kingdom Divided
~ oh what have they done!
Exile and Scattering
~ situation dire
Return of the Remnant
~ waiting for Messiah
Prophecy Unfolding
~ four hundred years go by
Coming of the Son of God
~ Lord Christ from on high
Dawning of New Israel
~ rebellion by the old
Kingdom in All the World
~ time of end untold

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