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Author: Ron Graham

Book of Acts

Acts Facts Quiz
—Number 2

Here’s a quiz for you. Press the Show answer button —the answer will appear in its place.

1. In what city does the book of Acts begin, and in what city does it end?

2. Arrange the following cities from east to west... Philippi, Antioch, Thyatira, Corinth.

3. True or false? In each of the following pairs, the first city is roughly north of the second: Sidon—Joppa;   Thyatira—Ephesus;   Puteoli—Syracuse.

4. Which place is farther from Jerusalem? Alexandria, Athens, or Antioch?

5. True or false? It appears that Jerusalem was also known as Jebus, Judea as Judah, and Azotus as Ashdod.

6. Which of these is the odd one out? Cyprus, Crete, Melita, Adria.

7. True or false? In each of the following pairs, the places are in the same province: Salamis—Paphos;   Philadelphia—Laodicea;   Rhegium—Rome.

8. What is the most mentioned city in Acts? Alexandria, Corinth, Jerusalem, or Troas?

9. What town did Paul come from, and what island did Barnabas come from?.

10. Put these areas in descending order, north to south: Galilee, Judea, Samaria, Syria.

11. True or false? Cyprus is the name of a tree that Paul climbed to escape being stoned.

12. True or False? You could go by boat from Selucia to Salamis.

13. True or false? Simon the Tanner lived in Joppa.

14. Is Myra the name of a pretty girl, a morass, a coastal town, or an area along the shores of the Black Sea?

15. True or false? On the approach to Rome from the south, Paul went through Puteoli, Three Taverns, Apii Forum in that order.

16. What connects the Dead Sea with the Sea of Galilee?

17. Is Perga the name of a disease, a king, a mountain, a ship, or a city?

18. Two of the following men wrote letters to Galatia. Which Two? Andrew, Philip, James, Matthew, Paul, Luke, Fred, Peter, Jesus, John, Isaiah, Barnabas.

19. Which island is smallest: Clauda, Crete, or Cyprus?

20. Unjumble these four Macedonian placenames... Reeab, Ssehtaacinol, Iiippphl, Silopnae.

21. Was Athens in Macedonia, Achaia, Phonecia, Asia, or somewhere else?

22. Is Adramyttium a city well inland, a mainland seaport, or on an island? Say which.

23. Pick the odd one out. Alexandria, Athens, Achaia, Antioch.

24. In which city were the disciples first called Christians? See Acts 11:26

25. Is there a place mentioned in Acts starting with Q, X or Z?

26. In what city was Paul when he had a vision of a man saying, "Come over into Macedonia and help us"? See Acts 16:8-11.

27. Where did Paul exhort and farewell the elders from the church at Ephesus? See Acts 20:17.

28. Where did Paul and his companions tarry seven days and meet with the disciples on the first day of the week to break bread? See Acts 20:6-7.

29. A eunuch was on his way home from Jerusalem when Philip taught and baptized him. Where did the eunuch live? See Acts 8:26-27.

30. Where did Paul and Silas convert their jailor? See Acts 16:12-34.


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Here ends our study of all the places mentioned in the book of Acts. Now we begin an expository or verse⁠-⁠by⁠-⁠verse study of the book.


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