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Author: Ron Graham

Isaiah Outline

Outline of Isaiah chapters 9, 10, 11, 12
—The arm of the Lord and the kingdom of Christ

This page provides, for your reference, an outline of Isaiah chapters 9 to 12. The complete Outline of Isaiah is spread over several lessons.

1 Context Overview

The first twelve chapters of Isaiah tell us about Isaiah’s purpose in writing the book and his calling to be a prophet. They predict and lament the eventual fall of Jerusalem. However the arm of the Lord will protect Judah from the Assyrians who will destroy Israel and later itself be destroyed. Isaiah looks beyond all these things to the coming of Christ and his glorious kingdom.

2 The Coming Christ (Isaiah 9)

3 The arm of the Lord protects Judah (Isaiah 9)

4 The Destroyer Will Be Destroyed (Isaiah 10)

5 Christ’s New Kingdom (Isaiah 11-12)

A Glorious Resting Place

The line at the end of Isaiah 11:10 is most significant, "And his resting place shall be glorious" This is not an earthly place, but a heavenly one (John 14:1-3). In the kingdom of Heaven there is peace and reconciliation into which are gathered people of all nations. The animals at peace in Isaiah 11:6-10 represent the nations.

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