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Author: Ron Graham

Three flowers

Simply Bible Magazine
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Here's a magazine page with snippets and short articles.



“In my Father’s house are many mansions...” (John 14:2)



“I only need to know two passages of scripture: the Old Testament and the New Testament.”
—Ben Giselbach


Love Truth


“I bow my knees before the Father... that he will bless you with his wealth in glory, to strengthen you mightily in your inner person, empowering you by his Spirit. May Christ dwell in your hearts by your faith, and may love be the ground where your roots grow strong. May you have the understanding given to all God’s holy family. May you know the love of Christ in all its breadth and length, height and depth. May you be filled to all the fullness of God, whose power works in us. He is able to do very far more than we could ever ask or imagine”.

(Ephesians 3:16-21 paraphrased).



The cosmos, its creatures, and its natural cycles, are amazingly complex. Science is fairly certain that it all expanded and developed from a point of infinite density and infinitesimal volume, called a singularity. If that is true, the singularity itself either had a beginning or was eternal. I believe that only God is eternal, and the cosmos, whatever its original form, came into being by his word.

"The worlds were prepared by the word of God"
(Hebrews 11:3).

Walk in Light


Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Those who follow me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life”

(John 8:12)

“In him was life; and the life was the light of mankind” (John 1:4).

Spiritual Light

bird friends


There's no one quite like Jesus.
I could have no better Friend.
He's always there to help me,
And he'll be there to the end.
Well I know he cares about me,
And I'm sure he understands
The hurting in my heart
And the trembling in my hands.
There's no one quite like Jesus,
I could serve no better Friend.
He gave his own life for me,
And I'll love him to the end.
Well I've done a lot of crying
And I've had my share of loss,
But my troubles seem like nothing
When I see him on the cross.
There's no one quite like Jesus.
You can have him as your Friend.
He loves you and he'll help you.
You can trust him to the end.

  —Ron Graham

8-point design


When we consider “design” in creation, we are thinking far beyond artistic design such as a snowflake or the pattern on a butterfly’s wing or a sunset. We are thinking of complex mechanisms such as the butterfly’s wing itself, a marvel of engineering. We are thinking especially of design that has purpose, such that the creature plays an effective part in its environment or ecosystem.

We may consider that the ecosystem does not stand alone, but is supported by a macrosystem. Such things as air, light, heat, water, land, fire, and magnetic forces all work together in a designed and purposeful manner keeping chaos at bay.

Nothing I have mentioned designed itself. No chance!


Late in 2001, I sat down at my computer, connected to the internet by dialup, and imagined a website.

A year later, went on line. By that time I'd learnt HTML, Javascript, and css; and written 80 web pages. It was pretty basic, but so were most websites then.

As the years hurried by, I battled with the “cross platform” chaos and the conflicting rules. I've been challenged by the swift progress from clumsy devices to modern notebooks, tablets, and smart phones —all in a single decade.

As for Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest, I've jumped onto the running board. (Only old folk will know what I mean by that.)

Anyway, now I've built you a website, with the help of Jesus, that I hope will bless you.

While the Lord gives me strength and opportunity, I'll keep growing and try to keep up with the times and technology.

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Webservant Ron Graham

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