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“Boast” to “Burn”
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Boast Lest Anyone Should BoastA look at the principle that salvation is by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Boaz Adventures of RuthAbout the faith that Ruth showed in God and her beauty of holiness, plus the kindness, generosity, and lovely spirit of Boaz and the community that welcomed the foreigner (Ruth 1-4).

Body Your Body a SacrificeAbout how faith in one’s heart should develop into a faith lived out in one’s flesh: something the apostle Paul was very concerned about.

Body Body and SoulA human being is essentially two things: a body and a soul. There is a most intimate connection between the two.

Body Body and SpiritThere is an idea held by some, and rooted in ancient gnosticism, that our fleshly bodies do not receive the same salvation as do our spirits.

Body Have You Counted the Cost?The most important things cannot be evaluated on a calculator. But you can count the cost in your heart.

Boldness The Arrows of GodThe arrows of God are faith, hope, and love, these three. Each arrow needs a target, energy, and penetration.

Boldness Prayer and God’s WillAnswer to prayer involves God’s revealed will, his unrevealed will, the will of Satan, and man’s free will.

Boldness WORDS “Boldness” Defined Several technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. This lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek and Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links, related to “boldness”.

Bondage Bondage in EgyptSome of the timeless principles involved in the story of Israel’s troubled times. Their bondage in Egypt, like the story of Joseph’s ups and downs, is instructive for us when we too meet with trouble in our lives.

Book Book in Your Hands, Head on Your ShouldersA study of reason and revelation, the relationship between our thoughts and divine thoughts, human judgment and scriptural authority.

Book Revelation the Book SERIES List of lessons providing a comprehensive outline and overview of the Book of Revelation and how to understand it. Several core lessons deal with subjects such as times and seasons, tribulation, the dragon, heaven, etc. There's also detailed exposition verse-by-verse.

Books Studies of Bible BooksA list of the studies on of various Bible books, including Isaiah, Romans, Hebrews, and Revelation.

Index for Born

Bottomless The Bottomless Pit (Revelation 9)John sees a vision of a bottomless pit out of which comes a cloud of very strange locusts. This lesson is about the pit or abyss.

Bought The Church Jesus BoughtWhat is the most precious material and physical thing that has ever been in this world?

Brain True and False About the Soul (1)A false idea about the human soul: that the spirit is breath.

Brains Using Our BrainsThe role of the human mind in using the scriptures as our authority and applying the scriptures to self.

Branches If We Sin WilfullyWe are going to examine seven portions of scripture that show we Christians, although certainly secure, nurtured, and protected, will not remain so unless we respond to God’s grace and diligently fulfill his conditions according to his purpose for us.

Bread Notes on Breaking BreadThe New Testament uses the term “breaking bread” for the Lord’s Supper. It also uses the same term for a common meal. The term "to break bread" can have two different meanings. Scripture . makes a clear distinction between the two as separate activities.

Breastplate The Breastplate of RighteousnessAs Christians we are at war —not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of wickedness and darkness. To win this war, to fight the good fight, we must be adequately equipped. Part of that equipment is "The Breastplate of Righteousness" (Ephesians 6:10-17).

Breath True and False About the Soul (1)A false idea about the human soul: that the spirit is breath.

Bride The Bride, the Lamb’s WifeSome of the visions in Revelation chapters 18-22 refer to a marriage between the Lamb and his bride. We know that the Lamb is Christ, but who is the bride, the Lamb’s wife?

Build I Will Build My ChurchEach and every word in the statement “I will build my church” marks something of very great importance.

Built First He Built An AltarWhat happened when Noah and his family came out of the ark? We can learn a lot from Noah.

Bundaberg Bundaberg churchInformation about the undenominational church of Christ in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.

Burdens Sin and GraceAbout understanding God’s grace when dealing with the problems and habits of sin.

Burdens His Burden is LightKeeping God’s commandments is a burden to some people, but it should not be. That's what this lesson is about.

Burial The Chain of Great EventsA chain of events is experienced by everyone who obeys God’s plan of salvation. Paul presents this chain in three different ways.

Buried Buried With ChristExposition of Romans 6:17-18. About faith's power (by grace) to liberate from enslavement to sin and then progress to full establishment in Christ.

Burning BurningThree ways in which Christians burn within: conviction, outrage, and temptation.

Burning of books Will Any Religion Do?Is mud chocolate? How many religions should we regard as good and true? Lesson includes discussion of burning of books in Ephesus.


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