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Naaman Grace and the LeperThe story of Naaman the leper, in 2Kings chapter 5, has some important lessons for us about God’s grace: Grace cannot be dictated; grace cannot be repaid; grace must be obeyed. If we contradict any of those principles we don't understand true grace.

Naaman Adventures of ElishaAfter Elijah left this world, his disciple Elisha took up Elijah’s mantle and ministry.

Nadab and Abihu What Did They Do Wrong?Nadab and Abihu made a fatal mistake. They were worshipping God, and God struck them dead. What did they do wrong?

Name Simply ChristiansAll denominations have something which divides. A truly undenominational church has nothing but what God has given.

Name Names and Titles of JesusA List of Names and Titles of Jesus found in the Bible. Just a neat simple list for reference. Includes both figurative and literal descriptions of Jesus.

Name The Name Aove Every Name (Philippians 2:9)“The name which is above every name” (Philippians 2:9) is not the name the angel gave to the Christ before the holy child’s conception and birth. It is the name bestowed on the Son when God exalted him after his death and resurrection. What is that name?

Name The Name JesusA discussion of what is meant by “the name of Jesus” (eg Philippians 2:9-10, 2Ths 1:12)

Name The Name JehovahSupplementary notes on the special name of God, sometimes rendered YHWH, Jehovah, or Yahweh.

Naomi Adventures of RuthAbout the faith that Ruth showed in God and her beauty of holiness, plus the kindness, generosity, and lovely spirit of Boaz and the community that welcomed the foreigner (Ruth 1-4).

Narrow way God’s Living WayGod’s way of salvation leads to the eternal life of God. Why few find it and keep hold of it.

Narrow way Why Walk a Narrow Road?Lesson on Matthew 7:13-14. Why enter by the narrow gate and walk the difficult path that few follow? Why not rather follow the crowds and take the easy road?

Nature defined T ~Total DepravityExamines human nature, and the mechanism by which sin and death spread to all. Is it by heredity or by contagion?

Index for Nature

Nature of God Salvation (Wonderful Words)Christians commonly talk about “salvation”, their “Saviour”, and the need to be “saved” yet some are vague about what doctrine lies behind these terms.

Natures, human and divine We Beheld His GloryWe discuss the human nature and the divine nature of Jesus Christ. We defend the traditional and orthodox view.

Natures The Two Natures of ManMan is a combination of two natures, not one, not three.

Nazarene Jesus the NazarenePilate ordered an inscription for the cross of Jesus not understanding the full significance of what he had written.

Nazareth Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Nazareth. Includes a map of the region.

Nazirite vow Adventures of SamsonThe judges of Israel seemed to have strange mixtures of weakness and strength. In some ways they were wise and strong, in others weak and foolish. Yet God still credited what faith they had, and even in their unworthiness used them as instruments of his will (Judges 10-21).

Neapolis Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Neapolis. Includes a map of the region.

Nebuchadnezzar Captivity of JudahIt is the southern kingdom of Judah’s turn to be deported from their own land into exile in a foreign country. God’s instrument in this punishment is Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon.

Necessity Necessity is Laid Upon MePaul was committed with the dispensing of the gospel. He had a commission: go preach the gospel. Woe to him if he did not!

Neglect Solomon’s Sin and SorrowFactors behind Solomon’s sin and fall from glory: his excess, his disobedience, his neglect, and his several faults.

Neglect Four Kinds of Sinabout four kinds of sin. These are sins of attitude, action, neglect, and intent.

Neglect Neglecting the Weightier MattersThey tithed mint, dill and cummin, and every kind of garden herb, yet neglected the weightier matters such as justice, mercy, faith, and the love of God.

Nehemiah Adventures of Ezra and NehemiahWell into the Medo-Persian rule, Artaxerxes is king of Persia. Ezra and Nehemiah lead the rebuilding, religious restoration, and resettling of the remnant in Jerusalem.

Nehemiah Facts About Ezra and Nehemiah Bible facts about Ezra and Nehemiah of Old Testament fame.

Neighbourhood church The Church Jesus BoughtWhat is the most precious material and physical thing that has ever been in this world?

Nerves Preparing to Preach and TeachThere are seven exercises which, taken together, will empower you to do your own independent Biblical research.

New What's New on this siteLatest lessons and features.

New Three New ThingsA sermon for the New Year 2011 and a new decade. New years and new decades come and go, but Jesus Christ has provided three new things that will last forever: a new covenant, new life, and a new world.

New covenant A New Covenant SERIESA study of the change of covenants from the old Mosaic law to the gospel of Christ. We ask and answer some pertinent questions about this change.

New heavens, earth All Things Made New (Revelation 21:1-8)This old world passes away, but Jesus has prepared a bright new world in heaven, a new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

New Israel The Day of PentecostThe promises of old come to pass in the resurrection and ascension of Christ and his outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost: signifying that he is now Lord and Christ on David’s throne in heaven (Acts 2:31-36).

New Year New Year and Still HereNew year’s day in 2013 (or any other year) can begin a truly happy new year for you, because the world is still here, there is still hope, and Jesus still calls.

New Year Happy New You!As another new year begins, and everyone is wishing you a happy new year, how are you going to help that wish come true? How can you become a happy new you in this happy new year?

Newspaper Newspaper BibleThe premillennial view of end times relies on interpreting Bible prophecy as though it reads like, and foretells, what we read today in our newspapers and hear and see on our newscasts.

Night No Night ThereIn the last two chapters of the book of Revelation, a vision of Heaven is presented symbolically as a jewelled city of light and, “There will be no night there”.

Ninety Nine The 99 Sheep Not Lost (Luke 15:4-7)In telling the parable of The Lost Sheep, Jesus leaves the other 99 sheep pretty much out of the picture. However, as well as the main story of the lost sheep, there are also three things true of the other 99 sheep that we can infer from the parable.

Noah Noah and the Flood (2Peter 2:5, 3:3-7)In his second epistle, Peter uses the destruction of the old world by water as a precedent for the future destruction by fire of the world we live in.

Noah First He Built An AltarWhat happened when Noah and his family came out of the ark? We can learn a lot from Noah.

Noah Grace and NoahNoah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. He and his family were saved by grace from the flood that killed everyone else. Was there anything about Noah that caused God to choose him for grace? (Genesis chapters 6-9).

Noah The Great FloodDid the great flood cover Planet Earth entirely, or the vicinity of Messopotamia only?

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Noesee Noah above

Non-denominational Adopting the Undenominational WayThis is a companion page to our mission statements. Here we further discuss some of the problems and issues faced by all who adopt the non-denominational way. It is a challenge for a congregation to be undenominational. We choose a hard road when we determine to be simply Christians and refuse to adopt the denominational names, creeds, and practices that divide the Lord’s church.

Northern kingdom The Assyrian CaptivityThe beginning of the captivities as the larger kingdom (Israel) falls to Assyria and its people are taken away to foreign lands. Includes a table of the kings and prophets of Judah and Israel, plus a short piece on the supposed Ten Lost Tribes.

Nothing Sermons About NothingA collection of verses that have remarkable things to say about nothing. There are the skeletons of three sermons about nothing here.

Notions NotionsExamines different notions of discipleship and different expressions and styles of religious faith and worship.

Numerology Numerology (Notes)A discussion and explanation of spurious magical number systems related to Biblical interpretation.

Number 144,000 One Hope of Heaven (The 144,000)Examines the question of whether there are two groups of saved with two different hopes. Discusses the 144,000.

Number 666 The Number of the BeastWho hasn't heard about 666 the number of the beast? And a lot of rubbish about it too?

Nurturing Nurturing GuiltMany false religions are guilt-driven. The priests or clergy cultivate guilt in their adherents who become dependent upon, and obligated to, the priests.


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