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Oath, God’s Promises to AbrahamThe faith and hope of Abraham stood on two immutable things: the promise of Christ and the oath that confirmed it.

Oath, God’s The Promise, Oath, and SealSets out the plan of the series on the Seal of God.

Oath, God’s Adventures of DavidThe time in which David, not yet king, grows in power and popularity among the people. King Saul is envious and furious, and he sets out to kill David.

Oaths Swearing (Sermon on Mount)There are three kinds of swearing that we should not to do at all, and the command, “Swear not at all” definitely refers to these.

Obedience Buried With ChristExposition of Romans 6:17-18. About faith’s power (by grace) to liberate from enslavement to sin and then progress to full establishment in Christ.

Obedience What if They'd said No?The story in Acts 22, of Saul’s conversion to become the apostle Paul, shows a chain of command: God to Jesus, Jesus to Ananias, Ananias to Saul. All three men obeyed the directives given them. We ask, What if they had not?

Obedience Adventures of AbrahamWe look at the sojourns and adventures of Abraham himself, along with his wife Sarah, his nephew Lot, and Lot’s wife (Genesis 12-22).

Obedience Sweet Will of GodGod has willed that all obey his decrees, that all repent of sin, that Christ die for all.

Obedience The Spiritual MindThe spiritually minded have superior desires, attitudes, values, priorities, and motivations than do the fleshly minded.

Obedience What 1st John Says About Love (1)Jesus Christ is the origin and example of true godly love. Love does not smile sweetly at sin. Rather, love demands obedience to God’s word.

Obedience What Does the Lord Require of You?In Micah 6:6-8 the questions are asked, “With what shall I come before the Lord?” and “What does the Lord require of you?” The passage shows that God requires your dependence, your attention, and your righteousness.

Index for Obedience

Obedience of faith Faith and WorksPaul teaches salvation by obedience of faith, not faith alone. Otherwise he'd contradict Moses, David, James, and even himself.

Obedient faith What First John Says About FaithJohn emphasises two important characteristics of Christians who have true faith.

Occasion A Sense of OccasionA study based on Nehemiah 8 regarding a sense of occasion in worship, including desire, decorum and doctrine.

Occult Will Any Religion Do?Is mud chocolate? How many religions should we regard as good and true? Lesson includes discussion of burning of books in Ephesus.

Offering The Last Sin OfferingOne of the signs which accompanied Christ’s sacrificial death, took place in the inner sanctum of the house of animal sacrifice: “Behold the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” (Matthew 27:51)

Old paths At the CrossroadsThere are times in everyone’s life when one is likely to meet Jesus at the crossroads: times when some great change or challenge occurs.

Old Testament The Old Testament SERIESA collection of lessons emphasising the Old Testament’s indispensable value to the Christian. The series includes a detailed Messianic prophecy chart.

Old Testament The Times of Israel SERIESA very large series presenting the twelve times of Israel with a list and summaries for each of the relevant Bible books, main figures, and beginning event.

Old Testament Old Testament ClusterLessons clustered around the topic “Old Testament”

Old Testament Forgiveness in Old Testament TimesA study of forgiveness in Old Testament times up till Jesus died. On what basis were people then forgiven?

Old wives’ tales Falling Away and False Teachers (1Tim 4:7)When a church is established, there is a passion for the truth. In later times, however, there comes a falling away.

Olivet Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened at the Mount of Olives. Includes a map of the region.

Omega A Revelation of Jesus ChristIn the book of Revelation Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, shows himself to be God just like his Father.

Once saved always saved? Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints says “No.” Is that right or wrong?

One another One AnotherThe term “one another” crops up a lot in the New Testament.

One-forty-four thousand One Hope of HeavenExamines the question of whether there are two groups of saved with two different hopes. Discusses the 144,000.

Onesimus Paul’s Letter to PhilemonA study of Paul’s letter to Philemon. Lesson points are: voluntary goodness, accepting providence, helping the helpless.

Online Church Meeting OnlineIs it Scriptural? Technology such as Skype has been used to help Christians isolated by distance or some other valid reason. Using this technology, they have been able to meet with a church that they cannot attend physically. But is this practice scriptural?

NoteONLY BEGOTTEN: unique, one of a kind. Jesus is the “only begotten” Son of God, yet “all who are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God” (Romans 8:14). Isaac was not Abraham’s only son, but the “only begotten” son of promise (Hebrews 11:17).


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