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Author: Ron Graham


Opposites In the Bible
—Bible Things that are Poles Apart

The Bible often presents us with a choice of two contrasting things that are poles apart. Each lesson in this series takes one such pair of opposites as its topic. Here's the list. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Good and Evilthe Battle of Right Against Wrong. The main “opposites” in the Bible of course include Good and Evil. The age old struggle of good against evil still rages. But these are not equal opposites, and good will be victorious.

Truth and ErrorTruth’s Source, Scope, and Substance. The Bible often mentions truth as opposed to error. Truth and falsehood are among the most basic of all Bible opposites. Read this lesson on truth.

Light and DarknessIn Which Will You Walk? The word “light” in the Bible often has the spiritual sense of that which brings enlightenment to those in spiritual darkness. Thus Jesus and his message are called “light”. Read this lesson to see how essential is this light to your life!

Wisdom and FoolishnessWhat Makes One Wise? The Bible compares the wise with fools. Wisdom and foolishness are among the most important Bible Opposities. We ask the question: what makes one wise?

Knowledge and IgnoranceLearn Christ or Know Nothing. You can know God and his will for you, or you can be ignorant of the truth about God. Is your heart in a state of knowledge or ignorance? That's a question of absolute first importance.

Remembering and ForgettingLiving in the Past. People say you shouldn't live in the past. However, in our relationship with God, the past, present, and future, are all one. Remembering Jesus is living in the past. But forgetting Jesus is destroying your future.

Innocence and GuiltWhat Does the Bible Teach? Another pair of opposites in the Bible is innocence and guilt. We study the arrival of guilt, an argument about guilt, and the answer to guilt.

Beginning and EndGod has neither beginning nor end. His creation will end in a new beginning. Evil has a beginning and its end will be everlasting.

Beauty and UglinessBeauty and ugliness are opposites which both appear prominently in the Bible. Especially in the cross of Christ we see disgusting ugliness contrasted to supreme beauty. Yes there is “wondrous beauty” in the cruel death of Christ.

Heaven and HellDoes the Bible promise an eternal home in heaven? What will happen to our present home, planet earth? Is there an eternal hell? Find out here.

Design and ChanceAre you a product of design or chance? At your conception, you were one single tiny cell. Now your body consists of around ten million million cells. These human cells individually and collectively show an origin of design as opposed to chance.

Spirit and MatterThe Bible makes a sharp distinction between spirit and matter. Matter is bound to time, and spirit is bound to eternity. Spirit and matter are mysteriously connected, but one does not originate from the other. Both spirit and matter originate from God.

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