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Author: Ron Graham

The Ancient Order

The Ancient Order
— Analysis of the gospel

A series of lessons analysing the gospel of the first century. We summarise six elements under three headings each, with three points under each heading. We give key scripture references on each point. This makes a useful resource for systematic study. Each page consists of a compact chart, plus a list of relevant lessons that develop the topics. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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CHART (1) The New Birthbelieve, obey, receive. God reveals the greatest news ever, issues commandments to mankind, and gives magnificent promises.

CHART (2) The Christian Lifeserve, participate, give thanks. God directs and orders our lives, grants great Privileges, and makes provision for our lives.

CHART (3) Blessed Assurancehave hope, be assured, be loyal. God has guaranteed eternal life, given full evidence, and made Christ our all in all.

CHART (4) The Churchunite, assemble, evangelize. God gathers his children into a visible church, the pillar of truth.

CHART (5) Saved by Gracejustified, sanctified, redeemed. God's grace makes us right with him, sets us apart for him, and liberates us unto him.

CHART (6) Jesus Christwatch, worship, believe. Jesus is coming to end the world, he is almighty and glorious, he did what was needed to save us.

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