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Author: Ron Graham

God's Plan

Light and Insight
—Selected Lessons

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The Source of All Spiritual LightDiscusses the Source and revelation of all light, and the children of light. First of a trilogy.

Spiritual EnlightenmentA collection of sermons each of which aims to enlighten people about some important issue of the heart.

Depth of InsightThe discernment or insight given us by the Lord is not meagre. He doesn't give glimpses of enlightenment, but a fulness.

Insight into TrialsThis lesson outlines three important insights into our trials and tribulations.

Spiritual InsightThe true second sight is the spiritual insight, and the light of the inner eye is the Bible.

Seven Ems of Spiritual UnderstandingA study of what Paul’s letter to Colossae contributes to the basic understanding of Christ. The lessons examine seven basic elements of the enlightening gospel and its ministry. Each topic starts with the letter M.

Seven Good InfluencesThis series of lessons examines the good influences that motivate us to obey God, and shows how we can either cause them to fail, or nurture and strengthen them.

Jesus Changed My HeartThis series of lessons is about how wonderfully, radically, and positively Jesus changes our hearts and lives. There are also two trusty (not rusty) old sermons as a bonus.

Journeys of the SoulA series of lessons. There are several core studies in this series, dealing with the states, journeys, and portals of the soul. These refer to my soul diagram which gives visual structure to the concepts. In addition, there's a collection of supplementary lessons to enlighten us about the soul.

The Morning Star(2Peter 1:12,19) The importance of being enlightened and established in the present truth because the world is a dark place.

PatienceThis series of lessons links the quality of patience with seven of the great themes of the Bible: grace, faith, hope, love, suffering, serving, and self-improvement.

Five Priceless ThingsA set of studies in Ephesians chapter two, looking at the priceless creation, covenant, cross, church, and citizenship.

The Light of Christ(Revelation 21) Heaven is a place of eternal light and no darkness at all. In that place the light of God and his Son will shine forever.


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